Why Do Teachers Need To Be Educated Before Students?

It is widely believed that teachers are spiritual parents of any student therefore; students tend to follow their footsteps throughout the academic years. There is still one thing that many people fail to understand that teachers also need a certain level of training and schooling before becoming mentors. When hundreds of students are looking up to you, it becomes very important for you to act sensible. We should always remember that as teachers we are setting an example for the little ones. I understood this point pretty late during my teaching career, but once I took this matter seriously, I have seen nothing but good results.

Teacher with Students

I have seen many people saying to” just be yourself” but unfortunately that is not how it works in the education world. You need to act like a civilized person if you can’t be one. Just because of your unprofessional attitude, any student’s future can be at stake. Recently many training centers have been seen emerging. All such institutes are specially designed to make teachers learn the true ethics and values of teaching. Why do we suddenly feel the need to have such training centers? Why isn’t the 21st century lot of teachers coming up to the expectations of their respective institute? This matter asks for a detailed explanation and I’ll try my best to help my fellow readers with the help of all the knowledge and experience I have.

I blame our media for most of the wrong things happening in the society. Most of the teachers of today haven’t seen the 60 or 70s therefore; they aren’t accustomed to the simple things in life. They were born and raised in a digital environment and act according to that. Teachers of today happen to have a laid back attitude which may work for a brief period of time, but causes problems in the future. Teachers of today specially the young ones try to act cool in front of students in order to impress them. Just to look funny or interesting, they tend to break rules; this is the point where the learning process of a student starts to get affected.

Speaking with my 10 years of teaching experience, you can be gentle and cool but you need to remain within the boundaries. You can’t just allow your students to smoke in class or watch movies on their smartphones just so that they could like you. TV shows and movies are projecting the wrong image of teachers. Teaching is not as fun as it looks or sounds. It’s a huge responsibility and we need to realize that before we witness something immoral. I would really suggest all my fellow colleagues and readers to create a work plan and start taking your job seriously.

If you’ve chosen teaching just for the money, you need to find another job. With your non serious attitude and lack of interest in your career and students, you are affecting the quality of education that they deserve or lets just say, have paid for. Your education is of no use if you don’t know how to teach. It is very important for teachers of today to come prepared whenever they plan to take teaching as a career. Once they are fully aware about all the moral values and ethics of teaching, they can easily produce productive students.

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