7 Ways to Unplug Your Children from Technology

Looking at the increasing use and demand of various technological gadgets, it has become very important for parents to shield their children from technology on a daily basis. You can’t eliminate technology completely out of the life of a child, so all you can do is limit their usage by making them engage into various healthy activities. Unplugging children from technology every now and then is the new way of improving their lifestyle. These small activities will not just help improve the health of children, but will also train them for their academic years.


Following are a few ways that can be implemented in everyday life in order improve the lifestyle of children:

Make Them Enjoy Nature

Take away all kinds of gaming consoles from your children and make them play in parks or home backyards. Playing football or cricket in an actual park is way better than playing the same sport on the computer. When your children are involved in healthy activities like these, they will not just have a different experience, but will also stay away from diseases such as obesity.

Allow Them to Take Part in Kitchen Activities

Whether it’s a male or a female child, it’s always good to make them work inside the kitchen with you from a very young age. Even if it’s a toddler, you can always start with allowing them to break eggs or mix a certain amount of gravy. Through activities like these, children will be able to learn team work.

Limit Screen Time

Whether it’s a video game or television, make sure to limit the screen time of your children. According to many researchers and doctors, too much television is not good for the mind and eyes of a child. 1 or 2 hours of television a day is enough for a child. There are many other options to avail other than this.

Craftwork Every Now And Then Is a Good Practice

Cutting paper, pasting pictures, painting, creating fluffy toy animals and many similar crafts will not just improve the skills of a child, but will also provide him/her with something different to do other than using a smartphone or a tablet computer.

Story Reading Session Is Always Healthy For Kids

Book reading is among the oldest practices that have helped a lot in creating a strong bond between parents and their children. Reading stories to children at night or the evening does not just make them sleep well, but also helps bring them closer to the realities of life. This way, children also develop the habit of reading when they grow older.

A Tech-Free Family Trip Is Always a Healthy Practice

Going out on a picnic or dinner with family is always better than sitting home watching movies. Healthy activities like these allow children to take their minds off various gadgets and technological facilities. This way they can actually talk to their parents rather than send them text messages.

Invest In Open-Ended Toys

By buying your children open ended toys such as lego, playdough and blocks, you are providing them with a number of possibilities to learn. When they have the power to construct their own designs, they can do their little experiments and learn. Toys like these are always better than machines and leds.

By implementing these simple yet smart methods, you may be able to unplug your children from technology giving them a much happy and healthy life. No wonder the writer, Paulo Coelho is famous for the quote, “It’s the simple things in life that are the most extraordinary.”

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