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Coucou Tunisia

Coucou Tunisie is developed by Softronix which is among the top notch companies of Pakistan. Coucou Tunisia is a project which takes multiple online marketplaces under its wings. It offers suite of market solutions with leading online e-commerce and deal section to customers for unique and better experience. Coucou is our standalone brand with a […]

Government Schools getting an edge over Private Schools

There was a time when only private schools used to be on top of the line but that pattern has started to change lately as government schools and colleges have also started to shift to the digital school management system. The main reason for that is the cost-effectiveness and ease of using the software solution. […]

How to know what’s best for Your School

If you want to know what your school needs right now, start analyzing all procedures in depth. While you’re doing that, you’ll find out that procedures that are being completed by 4 to 5 persons can now be completed by just 1 or 2 persons with ease. These employees do not need to be IT […]

How Technology is Improving the Productivity of Schools

The happiness of teachers, students and parents is very important to any academic institute trying to achieve positive results. Schools and colleges of today are required to keep track of multiple departments on a daily basis therefore; having a well-organized administration network is a must.  Overall productivity can be increased if an admin tries to […]

Role of Information Technology in Today’s Education Industry

Education is not the same as it used to be ten years ago. Curriculums have been revamped, teaching strategies have been changed and the thinking process of both the teachers and students has also experienced a change. Today, nothing can be able to function without cloud-based technology. As far as the academic institutes are concerned, […]

The Importance of Physical Education in Schools

Out of all people, children are the ones with the most unhygienic eating habits and that area needs a great deal of attention. Some institutes are still ignoring the fact that they don’t just need to provide students with academic schooling, but are also required to add proper physical education routines into their curriculum. This […]

Why Is It Important To Keep The Teaching Staff Happy?

Many school admins still don’t realize that without a teacher there is no school. Having huge classes and basketball courts will not benefit the school until or unless the admin follows creative teaching strategies. Students don’t come to enjoy, they come to learn therefore, it is very important for schools and colleges of today to […]