Top 5 Famous Private Schools in Lahore Pakistan

Top Schools in Lahore

Education plays a vital role in the development of an individual because it shapes the little ones both physically and mentally. An educated person does not have to announce whether he/she went to school or not, it automatically reflects on each person when he/she grows up. Education works as a base for any child and if the base is strong, the building gets even stronger.

With literacy rate of over 74%, Lahore is well known for having some of the best schools, colleges and universities. Many youngsters travel from other cities just to receive proper education in Lahore. Education is something that helps a child to socialize, be a good human being and outshine in life. Hence, all parents want their children to get the best education.

There are many private and government owned schools in the city but due to lack of resources, government schools find it hard to compete with the high-fi private school systems. Call it double standards or unfair, but that is how it has been going on in the beautiful city of Lahore. Those who can afford the heavy fee structures are happily enrolling their children to some of the most expensive school networks of Lahore that are all privately owned.

 Best Montessori / Pre-Schools in Lahore

There are hundreds of private and government owned primary schools in Lahore but only a few have been topping the race for the past many years. Aitchison Junior School is where every parent wants their children to study. The location, facilities and overall structure makes this school a top priority for all. Lahore Grammer School Junior has also been providing its students with state of the art amenities due to which it is enjoying a healthy enrollment ratio for the past many decades.

Beaconhouse Junior on the other hand, is also topping the race by providing thousands of little learners with a safe and healthy learning environment. When it comes to primary schools, The City School is one of the most popular choices of many parents throughout the city of Lahore. The school’s huge network of branches has earned it an amazing goodwill in the past years.

Les Anges Montessori Academy situated in Gulberg, Lahore can be called one of the best Montessori schools known for providing children with top notch academic and extra-curricular facilities. Last but not the least, The Lahore Lyceum Junior is also topping the race for providing the city with a network of well-equipped school buildings and a high quality educational experience.

 Best Secondary Schools in Lahore

Once again Aitchison tops the game for having some of the best in-house facilities for students. The College encourages pupils from diverse cultural, rural and religious backgrounds who can bring the social and linguistic diversity that are the hallmark of the college. Lahore Grammer School is also one of the most talked about academic institutes in Lahore known for shaping thousands of pupils for a prosperous future.

Beaconhouse School System has been maintaining its high standards with full competence and producing thousands of little learners on an annual basis. Running successfully for over two decades, Lacas also makes it to the list of top secondary schools of Lahore with grace. Convent of Jesus and Mary is also known for producing many high achieving students in the past years therefore making it to the list of top secondary schools of Lahore.

The international school of Choueifat is highly admired for providing children with decades of educational excellence and that is why it can be called one of the best schools in Lahore. SICAS is another top secondary school that is currently educating thousands of students in its network of multiple branches.

Lahore is the educational hub of Pakistan and the schools mentioned above are currently topping the list. Thousands of children and teenagers are currently enrolled in these institutes to not just learn, but come out becoming better human beings as well.

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