5 Signs That Your Current School Administration System Is Obsolete

Many school and college owners are still using the wrong methods of administration both knowingly and unknowingly. They are not just putting the progress of their school at stake, but are also building up a long list of future inconveniences for themselves. The society is evolving fast where everyone ranging from a little child to a full grown adult prefers cloud-based technology over various traditional methods. It is very important for school and college owners of today to have a well-organized management system if they want to get an edge over their competitors.


Following are a few signs that show that your system requires an up gradation.

Hiring Multiple Staff Members

If you’re hiring multiple staff members to complete just one task, you are following the wrong pattern. When just one person with basic knowledge of computer can complete multiple tasks with ease, nobody has to go through the trouble of hiring an entire team of specialist staff members. Cloud-based technology provides any school or college with a centrally controlled information system making administration easy and convenient for everybody.

Using the Pen and Paper Approach

Manually preparing reports, accounting ledgers and managing the entire fee collection process can be a very hectic and time consuming approach. Even the student attendance marking process has been replaced with smartphones. Automation is the new way of data management and preparation. Teachers and school admins do not have to fill shelves with files and registers anymore.

Depending On Each Other

Going through an entire hierarchy system just to have access to one single report makes the entire administration process slow and time consuming. School admins do not have to make phone calls or send emails to various staff members in order to have access to various financial or academic reports. They can easily use the smartphone app in order to have easy access to all kinds of records and reports.

Using Offline Spreadsheets

Using spreadsheets used to be among the most popular processes but the day cloud-based technology entered the world of education, it has changed the perception of many school and college owners resulting in better and faster methods of administration. Spreadsheets may help record information for a brief period of time but as information starts to pile up, it becomes difficult to keep track of both past and present day records. The computer operator has to go through multiple pages in order to access just a few records.

Going Through Unnecessary Methods  

Manual attendance marking, book keeping, report designing and exam calculation are some of the procedures that are not just delaying the speed of various procedures, but also effecting the decision making process. Web-based administration system has boosted the speed and eliminated many unnecessary procedures resulting in faster and better decision making process. Due to digitization, parents and teachers don’t have to depend on admin and students don’t have to depend on teachers.

If you read the above mentioned points carefully you will know the things that you’ve been doing wrong for the past many years. You will automatically feel the need to upgrade to newer and faster methods of administration preferably an online education management system.

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