Government Schools getting an edge over Private Schools

There was a time when only private schools used to be on top of the line but that pattern has started to change lately as government schools and colleges have also started to shift to the digital school management system.

The main reason for that is the cost-effectiveness and ease of using the software solution. Instead of wasting money and resources on manual labor, schools can now spend that on various other departments and in-school amenities. This has increased competition for many private schools across Pakistan.

In order to survive, many such schools have to waste their money and resources on expensive advertisement campaigns, extra-curricular activities, school’s infrastructure and so on. When expenses are higher and the turnover becomes slow, the overall profitability ratio is drastically affected and that is one of the reasons why private schools have to face problems regarding profits.

At first, privatization used to be a luxury but today, heavy income taxes and other administrative expenses have made that an austerity for most of the stake holders. Private schools have created an image of providing students with exceptional schooling environment and so on. and to keep up with that, private school owners have to make sure everything is up to the mark.


Most of the teachers working in a private institute expect for a substantial salary package but not every school has the resources to fulfill that demand due to which some private schools have started to hire less-experienced and under-qualified teachers. This is affecting the overall student productivity therefore resulting in students transferring to other schools.

Following Are A Few Points That May Help Schools And Colleges of All Kinds to Survive

  • Limit the use of manual labor and start using computers
  • Provide teachers with a substantial pay rate
  • Start using the SMS alert system instead of printing handouts
  • Come up with cost-effective ideas for extra-curricular activities
  • See what other competitors are doing and try to do the same thing but with a different approach
  • Hire a trustworthy person to handle school accounts
  • Make sure to make students feel valued and important at all times
  • Use the same approach with their parents
  • Try not to promise things that you can’t achieve in the future

In countries like Pakistan, it is hard to survive no matter what business you run but nothing seems impossible once you have the right amount of tools. Archivist Pakistan is providing small scale schools with a golden opportunity to get an edge over their competitors that is the well-established academic institutes.

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