Learning Software, Apps and Games for Kids of the 21st Century

Since the society has leaned a lot towards cloud-based technology and various technological gadgets, children also seem to learn better from interactive applications and games instead of lengthy books and notes. In order to help little learners enjoy the learning process to the fullest, a few smart minds have programmed a variety of exciting apps and games. Instead of gazing at the board, alphabets could be learnt and math problems could be solved through interactive games. The times have changed and children are finally accustomed to the 21st century learning approach. Following are a few next-gen developments that are helping the children of today to learn new lessons and ideas in style.

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Agitnus – Personal Learning Program

Agitnus is a specially designed smart phone app for kids. The recommended age for this app is from pre-school to first grade. Toddlers get to learn new colors, shapes, languages and a lot more. Whether your child uses a tablet compute or a lap top, everyone can find something new to learn after every single click. You also receive a weekly summary from Agitnus stating the child’s progress.


Study X

Study X fills a void for those students who like to study using flashcards they have created. The program is also well-suited for homeschooling use, where the parent/teacher could use it to create study, review, and test materials. Study X is for all those students who like to create their own study guides and review materials. Students have the ease to do everything their way by recording all important information anytime.


Meteor Math

A few developers have made learning Math easier for children by designing an interactive video game for them. Meteor Math is a multiplayer math game that allows children to customize their level of difficulty and play accordingly. After playing the 7 head-to-head mini stages, you get to decide who becomes the Cosmic Reactor Champion.


Endless Alphabets

This game is specially designed for all those children who make a lot of spelling mistakes. The game misspells a word on purpose and allows the player to spell it correctly. Through this healthy exercise, children do not just get to have a joyful time, but also end up correcting most of their spelling mistakes.


Telling Time Quiz

The Telling Time Quiz game is specially designed for children who have trouble telling time. It is among the most basic things to be learnt by any toddler or old child. It’s always fun to learn the art of telling time through a smart and interactive video games.


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