Why Teachers Are Paid Less In Pakistan?

The education industry of Pakistan is facing a constant threat for the past many years. Still many well-educated people do not take teaching as a proper career and one of the main reasons are poor work conditions and low salary rates. Pakistan has undoubtedly experienced a rise in its overall student enrollment ratio, but teachers are the ones that have to face multiple challenges on a daily basis. One of the main reasons why majority of the teachers are under paid include, the imbalance in structure of various academic institutes. The ratio of revenue is low and schools and colleges have to go through various time consuming methods of administration.

Teacher-paid less

Many educational giants are enjoying a huge monopoly in the education industry of Pakistan due to which small scale schools have to face many difficulties. All such schools have to think sharp while deciding for the allocation of resources. They can either improve the standards of education and various other amenities or provide teachers with high salary rates. In situations like these, teachers are mostly compromised.

Another sad part about the education industry of Pakistan is that teachers are usually over-burdened with work. They have to sit after school for multiple hours and even on weekends and go through piles of student records and exam calculation procedures. In spite of taking extra work from teachers, school admins still don’t pay them the salary that they deserve. That is the reason why majority of the highly educated people take teaching as a part time or temporary job.

If we look at the broader picture, a school is not good enough if its faculty members are weak or meagerly educated. This shows that schools and colleges need to have a team of experienced and well-educated teachers if they want to stabilize or expand in the industry. Under-paid teachers usually don’t take their jobs seriously which directly affects the performance of the student body. Unemployment ratio has been sky rocketing in Pakistan for the past many years therefore, there is never a shortage of under paid teachers. School admins usually take leverage of all such things due to which many schools and colleges are providing academic institutes with better and faster methods of administration.

By paying teachers less, school admins are putting the future of students at stake. Underpaid teachers usually work half-heartedly and allow school admins to make sure all administrative procedures are running actively. It is understandable to a certain extent that school admins have to face a lot of competition, but punishing students by hiring cheap and under skilled teachers is never a smart solution. Admins can and should start using online school administration system so that teachers could be provided with some breathing space.

Besides that, academic institutes need to look for smarter and effective ways of running schools rather than putting both teachers and students at stake. Providing teachers with good salary rates is not just going to boost student productivity, but will also allow small scale schools to expand in the industry.

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  1. Bushra khan
    Bushra khan says:

    In rular area in private sectr teacher salry is 3 to 5 thousand therefore, teacher usually work half-heartedly


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