Digital Accounts Management System Transforming the Accounts Department of Pakistani Schools

When it comes to accounts management, it is necessary for all concerned authorities to view multiple types of summaries and reports throughout the academic years. Keeping in mind the increasing competition, it has become necessary for schools and colleges to maintain a tech savvy look. The digital accounts management system provides an institute with all sorts of important reports such as accounts receivable reports, cash book report, bounced and lost cheque report, expense detail and summary reports, accounts payable reports and so on. Procedures were never so easy and convenient before.  Things weren’t so convenient for schools until online school management entered the education industry.

Digital-Management system

Schools and colleges in multiple countries have been seeing immense competition lately and cloud-based technology is what has made it possible for many academic institutes to not just survive, but expand. It used to be a huge problem to manage procedures like fee collection, admission vouchers, student fines, employee salaries and sundry expenses before. Today all such procedures can be monitored via a centrally controlled system. All financial transactions can be managed and controlled via online school management system.

These days, it has become very risky to rely on manual bookkeeping. It does not just waste an institute’s time, but also complicates most of the simple procedures. Archivist Pakistan runs on cloud-based technology eliminating the need for installation or any similar hassle. The computerized finance management system helps keep track of all sorts of calculations due to which school admins may not have to witness errors, mistakes or fraudulence.

Serving the education world for over 15 years, Archivist Pakistan has been generating positive results ever since its inception. The digital system has a built-in chart of accounts which is interlinked with each module that comes with the online school management system. Schools and colleges don’t need to worry about handling accounts because that area has been covered by the new accounts management software solution. It is always risky to manage accounts based transactions as they are lengthy, intricate and sometimes hard to manage. The accounts management software by Softronix meets the highest to the lowest demands of the education industry.

Admins, parents, teachers and students are not required to rely on slow and time consuming methods of administration anymore. They can finally enjoy being a part of a well-organized administration network. Parents don’t have to go through the hassle of collecting or paying school fees at the school’s accounts office. Teachers have to manually distribute fee vouchers and admins don’t have to go through piles of registers or offline spreadsheets anymore. As far as the students are concerned, they don’t have to go through the trouble of handing over fee vouchers to their parents. Online school administration system has made school management easy, convenient, effective and faster than before

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