Impact of Social Media in School Kids Education

Social media has been playing a major role in the lives of billions of human beings across the world. Conveniences such as cloud-based technology, web portals and social media have both its positive and negative effects. If we take a look at the schools and colleges of today, we could witness that students function better when teachers make use of cloud-based technology to the fullest. Still, children lack at a few areas just because of the excessive use of social media. Both knowing and unknowingly, social media is affecting the lives of students in a million different ways. Following are a few points that provide a clearer picture of how social media is affecting the students of today.


Students Are Lacking Communication Skills

Due to excessive use of social media websites, students seem to find difficulties in having one on one communications. Most of them seem to have lost all confidence in openly having a conversation with fellow classmates or the teaching staff.  The reason for that is because most of the students waste time sitting behind the computer screens and feel more comfortable talking online than face to face.


social media effect

Poor Pronunciation and Grammar

The routine of talking in shortcuts and slang English has badly affected the grammar and pronunciation of students. According to many children, it is “uncool” to write longer sentences and phrases on social media therefore, children or lets just say, youngsters tend to invent newer and shorter words in order to sound cool and interesting on the internet. This is undoubtedly destroying what they learnt at school.

Children May Become Lonely and Depressed

Children who are too much involved in social media websites tend to avoid meeting people in person. They do not only avoid socializing, but also tend to have lesser things or sometimes nothing to say at all when meeting someone in person. This results in children avoiding social gatherings and preferring to stay alone most of the times. Things like these may affect the personalities of a number of pupils.

Students Tend To Forget Things Quickly  

Even if a student listens to a lecture carefully, there is a greater chance of him/her forgetting everything in a few days or sometimes hours. The excessive use of social media has destroyed the ability to retain information. The moment a student forgets something, he/she tends to immediately look for answers on the internet without even trying to think or brainstorm. This practice is not only making students dull, but also making it hard for them to handle too much information in too little time.
As mentioned above, social media has been playing a major role in the lives of students of today. It is not only affecting their communication skills, but also making them slow learners. Academic institutes of today are required to make students sufficient enough to think and act smart without having to rely on social media websites

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