Top 5 Learning Gadgets for Children of the 21st Century 2016

Parents of the 21st century have finally realized that we are not living in Stone Age anymore and our children deserve to have a few electronic gadgets of their own for better learning and understanding. Children of today have a lot of exposure to the media and internet therefore, they are more inclined towards technological gadgets than books or various other traditional methods of learning. There are a variety of safe to use learning gadgets that can be used by toddlers and even older students of today. Children of today are not as innocent and dull as they used be a decade ago. They tend to get distracted and bored very easily therefore, it is very important for parents to provide them with a substantial amount of learning gadgets.

Below is the list of a few next-gen gadgets that are helping children of today to grow and learn faster.

1 Alphaberry


As we all know that children love to push buttons. Keeping that in mind, the Alphaberry is specially designed to make alphabet learning much easy and fun for children. By pressing alphabets on the device, children not only get to learn and listen to letters, but also enjoy listening to music and nursery rhymes.

2 Vtech Learning laptop

Vtech laptop

Children tend to develop the habit of observing elders and at some point they have seen laptops in the hands of their parents. The Vtech learning laptop can work as a substitute for the real thing. Most of the parents cannot afford to buy expensive laptops or don’t want to go through the risk of handing them over to toddlers. This is where the learning laptop can work as a life saver. It does not only have educational games, but is also loaded with a variety of fun filled activities as well.

3 Firefly Mobile Phone


The firefly mobile phones are specially designed for children. It’s a fully functional cellphone from which children can send text messages and receive calls just like any other cellphone. The phone also allows parents to monitor all ongoing activities of their children.

4 Learning Alphie


Children specially the little ones are always inclined towards colorful gadgets and there is no better option than providing them with an interactive alphabet learning gadget popular by the name Learning Alphie. This robot does not only have a beautiful LCD display, but also speaks and responds after each command.

5 VTech InnoTab


The V Tech Inno Tab is specially designed for kids allowing them to enjoy reading notes and playing games. Children of today, do not only get to play games, but also enjoy various interactive apps such including subjects such as, English, Science, Math, Physics and so on.  The VTech Inno Tab provides children with an easy way to learn various lesson plans

Children of today have started to think and act fast therefore; they are more inclined towards various next-gen gadgets. Reading from books and relying on lengthy lectures is something that children do not prefer to opt for these days. Parents can make the learning process fun and interesting by letting their children benefit from the above mentioned gadgets.


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