How to Manage School Accounts On Excel

Microsoft Excel is among the most widely known software used in multiple academic institutes and offices. It has been helping schools and colleges in organizing data and important information in the most efficient way. It allows the user to record all finance related data making it easy for the admin to proficiently organize all important paperwork.

Excel sheets are easy to implement allowing every person with basic knowledge of computers to use it with ease. Whether it’s the examination process or the student attendance procedure, the excel sheet require very little investment therefore, allowing all schools with limited resources to use it into the system. Since it’s an offline school management approach, it does not require internet for using it. Plus school admins and teachers don’t have to go through stacks of paper on a daily basis. Students’ academic records and data can be easily accessed by just a few clicks.


In the past few years, the education industry in many countries has started to experience a shift in its school management approach. Institutes using excel sheets have pint pointed a few issues resulting in delayed work time and higher costs. Following are a few reasons that have made it difficult for schools using excel sheets to run productively.

  • By using the excel sheet approach, academic institutes have to physically move data for reporting which makes work slow and hectic
  • The user has to enter student data again and again because the excel sheet approach does not keep track of records automatically
  • Admin and teachers has to depend on the person in charge of preparing records and reports because there is no Internet involved so staff members have to physically go to each other to collect files and reports
  • Data can be lost anytime throughout the academic years because users have to directly access the data base
  • There is no module system therefore, no sort of communication can be done between programs
  • There are greater chances of ambiguity regarding information as different programs may show different results for the same entries

The cloud-based software has been seen in many academic institutes limiting the use of excel sheets. Why are online school management systems trending in the education industry? This question requires an in depth explanation.  Following are a few reasons for this changing trend:

  • The cloud-based school management system is a centrally linked software solution leaving behind no margin of ambiguity or uncertainty
  • The admin does not have to depend on each staff member for having access to school related information. He/she can also view various reports and records via the smartphone app
  • The accounts management module has an automatic file tracking and calculating feature which leaving behind lesser chances of fraud, theft or misleading transactions
  • Admins do not have to record important information again and again because the online school management system keeps the entire data saved via cloud based technology
  • Teachers can easily evaluate thousands of students via the automated exam management module
  • The computerized SMS alert service has limited the need for printing handouts and brochures
  • Fee generation records such as pending payments and everything else of the sort are automatically maintained throughout the academic years

Finance, student enrollment, attendance, exam management and several other processes can be managed and completed with ease, hats off to the online school management system. It is by far the fastest and the most cost-effective approach to be used in any academic institute.

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