The Future of School Management Software in Pakistan 2016

Education is important for every single person no matter which religion or caste he/she belongs to.  Pakistan is a developing country and needs to groom its population to a greater extent no matter how bad the conditions. The nation has many small scale schools that need to upgrade their system in order to survive in the highly competitive market. The online school management software is trending across the nation and is said to be the future of school administration.

The people of Pakistan don’t adapt easily to change that is why some academic institutes can still be seen using traditional methods of school management. In spite of undergoing a lack of resources, small scale schools are relying on manual labor and the pen and paper approach. Some school admins are still unaware that they can complete procedures with more ease via the digital school management system.


It’s the year 2015, and school admins have finally realized that they need to change the way they run their system in order to thrive in the education industry.  This is where cloud-based technology comes into play. After looking at the fast and effective results, most of the academic institutes have started shifting to web-based technology because it helps automate all core departments with complete effectiveness.

Why Is The Online School Management Software Being Preferred?

The cloud-based school administration system is mostly benefiting those schools and colleges that don’t have enough resources. The reason for that is because the online system automates most of the paperwork and organizes all core departments such as finance, enrollment, attendance and so on. Web-based technology has reduced the need for extra manual labor therefore, most of the schools especially with limited resources prefer using an online school management system than relying on the traditional methods of administration.

How Is The Software Solution Benefiting Academic Institutes?  

The web-based software is the next-gen solution to all administrative procedures. Schools don’t have to count or calculate stacks of paper anymore because the online administration system has simplified that area by automating all such procedures. Besides from that, admins don’t have to hire extra staff members because the computer and software are there for multi-tasking. All kinds of student attendance, appraisal and financial reports can be easily accessed and printed by just a few clicks.

The entire finance department is free from fraud, theft and errors because all important financial data and records are being recorded and maintained with foolproof efficiency. Each transaction is monitored at all times leaving behind no margin of mishaps. As far as the examination department is concerned, the new way has speed things up by providing institutes with an automatic exam calculation system and an easy to operate student appraisal report printing feature.

Circulating important information across parents, students and teachers has also become very easy because the free SMS sending facility comes with the online school management software. It allows the admin the opportunity to send thousands of messages in bulk via the computer-generated SMS service without having to rely on school notices or leaflets.

Is Online School Management Software The Future Of Pakistan?         

The cloud-based software is certainly the future of Pakistan because our admins badly need something like this to survive. Most of the schools don’t have the resources to rely on paper or manual labor. The digital system is trending throughout the education industry.

It has provided small schools with an opportunity to flourish in the highly competitive education industry therefore; the online school management software is the only way schools with limited resources can thrive in the market.

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    I am looking for a software which help me to upgrade the education system in the rural area of pakistan so i think this is the best software for keeping the data of the students.


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