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The education industry of Pakistan has been provided with a blessing. Online school admin software has entered the market making administration much more convenient and cost-effective for everyone. Schools and colleges with limited or scarce resources finally have the chance to thrive in the industry with utmost efficiency. Pakistan’s educational structure can and will improve if more schools start to modify their system. Cloud-based technology is changing the face of the education industry across the nation providing all types of schools with the opportunity to flourish. Archivist Online is currently leading in the race of top school admin software in Pakistan.

Many software solutions have been revolving across the education industry but only a few can be relied on. Archivist Online is one of them. Known for 15 years of excellence and experience, the cloud-based software is helping many schools and colleges across the nation. Academic institutes were going bankrupt due to increasing competition in the market. Pakistan is surrounded by many education giants who have been running their institutes for over 20 years straight. This is where small scale schools find it hard to survive resulting in schools shutting down or providing pupils with a poor academic structure hence, affecting their future.

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When it comes to the education industry, Pakistan’s literacy rate is not showing any positive signs. More than 35% of our adults haven’t even gone through the primary level of schooling. This has obviously boosted the overall unemployment and crime rate across the nation. In such vicious situations, the online school management software can work as a life saver. This technologically sound software solution is providing schools with an easy way to manage their administration network.

How Does The Software Help Simplify The School Management Process?     

  • Schools with scarce resources had to record every single information on registers or excel sheets regarding accounts or student’s personal information. This type of procedure is not just costly, but also a very time consuming method of archiving. The digital system has automated the entire archiving process providing admins with an easy way to locate and keep track of all school-based information by just a few clicks.


  • Admins had to print handouts and brochures every now and then to circulate important information. That is not the case anymore. Today, all types of news, exam schedules, fee reminders, event invitations and emergency alerts can be spread via the computerized SMS service or the internet portal. It helps keep admin, teachers, students and parents stay connected at all times.


  • Any admin or school owner cannot always come to the premises for every single meeting. The smartphone app known as “Archivist Executive” has been specially designed for admins with busy schedules. It allows them to view all kinds of finance and student related reports and summaries while traveling or from home saving everybody’s time. This simple up-gradation has reduced the overall dependency ratio and boosted the speed of most of the procedures.

The computerized school management system has reduced the need for extra manual labor providing schools and colleges with the opportunity to use their available resources efficiently. No more paper-based methods or manpower is required because cloud-based technology is there to prepare, arrange and keep track of all important information such as accounts, enrollment, attendance, fines, discounts, student boarding, transportation and so on. With over 15 years of experience and an outstanding feedback, Archivist Online can undoubtedly be called the top school admin software in Pakistan.

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