Improving Education System in Pakistan

Pakistan is a developing country and needs a large number of student body in order to improve its current education system. Any country’s success depends on the ratio of its pupils because there is a greater chance that they’ll be the future doctors, engineers, scientists and software developers. The number of students can only increase if there are plenty of schools and colleges available especially for those families who can’t afford. One smart and cost-effective solution has finally made that possible. Computer-generated school management system has helped academic institutes to not just survive, but flourish in the educational industry.


Schools and colleges have finally realized the importance of maintaining a well-organized schooling administration system. In under-developed countries like Pakistan, academic institutes with limited resources don’t have enough margin to expand due to high level of competitiveness. Providing proper education to children is the government’s responsibility and if the governing bodies aren’t being able to achieve that goal, school admins need to buckle up and try to educate as many students as possible.

Schools and colleges in Pakistan needed something like the online school software for the past many years because it is the only way they can survive and expand. It is okay to go with traditional methods of teaching such as learning from books, assigning class assessments, home works and organizing group sessions, but when it comes to school administration, schools can’t take any risks.

The name computer-generated states the obvious as to what changes will it bring into the school’s network but still, admins need to be guided thoroughly. School administration consists of multiple departments such as student affairs, admissions, examination, attendance and finance. The cloud-based software automates all these departments providing the admin with a centralized management system. Secondly, admins running multiple school branches can also keep track of them all via the smartphone app from home or anywhere he/she wants.

The digital system has completely eradicated the need for manual book keeping from the face of the education industry. Admins do not have to go through a series of procedures just to have access to one simple report in fact, everything such as fee vouchers; student attendance, appraisal reports and finance reports are all just a click away. No more student archiving via excel sheets or manual book keeping is required.

Important information can be centrally controlled by just one or two authorities without having to rely on manual labor. Handling finance related transactions is among the most important procedures in any academic institute. It is very risky to maintain handwritten cashbooks or rely on excel sheets that has no automatic file management system. In situations like these, the online school management not just automates the entire accounts departments, but also saves the admin from incidents like fraud, errors or misleading transactions.

The communication network has also improved because the need for postal services, emails and school notice boards have been reduced. Schools now have the free SMS alert service and the internet portal to keep the entire institute connected. Admins, teachers, students and parents are now on one page. Countries like Pakistan need inventions like these so that a larger number of academic institutes could enter the education industry.

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