5 Things You Didn’t Know About Being a Good Teacher

It is plain and simple human psychology that most of us think we are the best and we don’t need anyone’s guidance. The truth is that all of us need something or someone to tell us about the right way at some point in our life or careers. Similar is the case with being a teacher. We may be mentors or idols of our students, but sometimes we are doing it the wrong way both knowingly or unknowingly. I used to think I know it all but even after 8 years of teaching experience, I still sometimes find it hard to understand my students. I still have to shake up my teaching routine from time to time. Students can be very unpredictable sometimes and we need to understand that before it’s too late.


Following are a few points that may not have crossed your mind during your teaching career. They sure have helped me and I hope will also help all my fellow readers as well.

Change Your Teaching Regime Every Now And Then  

Students are very moody and opinionated therefore, we need to come up to their expectations if we want to bring them to our expectations. Being a teacher doesn’t mean that a student will automatically learn everything by just reading a few books. Most of the things are new for the little ones and we are required to make them learn them. We need to carry interesting activities such as quizzes, group discussions and interactive assignments.

Educate Your Students, Don’t Make Them Robots

It is very important for you to make the learning process easier for students of all ages. Besides from sticking to the academic curriculum, you need to make them learn and understand certain things about the good and bad in life. Every new thing learned in a class is education. Don’t just keep making them read and remember lessons just to pass the exams. Help them learn and understand every single topic to the fullest. Giving them life lessons by sharing personal experiences is always a plus point.     

Maintain an Unbiased Marking Strategy   

Students will know eventually when you’ve been unfair with some of them. Students tend to talk and discuss such matters with each other. You don’t want to be a part of their bad books. The only way to make them be at your side is by maintaining a balanced marking strategy. Even if you don’t like a few students, you are required to mark them according to their performance, not their appearance or behavior.

Take Your Personal Hygiene and Appearance Seriously

I got to understand this point late, but once I finally understood its purpose, I was astounded by the extraordinary results. Your appearance and hygiene plays a major role in improving your student productivity. Students tend to be more inclined towards you when you look good, dress good and smell good. They will not just listen better, but will try everything they can to impress you resulting in improved results.

Reward Your Students

No one likes to work for free. Similar is the case with younger students. They feel incomplete when they get nothing after working so hard. You are required to make them feel complete by providing them with rewards in the form of noticeable appreciation or a small gift.

I have lived all these points throughout the 8 years of my teaching career and I have seen nothing but excellent results. No matter how old a student gets, a little child is always there inside him/her. We need to address that child and they will automatically start performing according to our expectations.

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