Why Use Excel Sheet for School Management?

Excel sheets are being used in many schools and colleges across the world. Many software developers have stressed on the question that why use excel sheet for school management when you have the option to use a powerful information system with interlinked modules? Before going into further details, it is important to know the reason why some academic institutes are still using offline spreadsheet system for managing and controlling their school network.


The reason that most of the schools and colleges prefer sticking to excel sheets is because they are highly accustomed with MS Excel and find the software very user-friendly. Anyone can easily record data eliminating the need for paper and extra workers. In cases like these, the real problem begins when data starts to pile up. Most of the times, the administration is also restricted from accessing past data because either the data has been deleted or misplaced. Keeping that issue in mind, school and college owners have started to lean towards online school management system which eliminates the chances of data loss and provides school admins with quicker and convenient methods of administration.

Using excel sheets for school management is good for a brief period of time but as data starts to pile up, many problems tend to initiate. A number of departments such as education, finance and student affairs are associated with any school or college. Every day new data is flushed into the system. Only a reliable management system will be able to keep track of all such data. If the system is weak, there are greater chances of file loss and fraudulent acts. Most of the times school admins cannot have access to past records which may upset a few students and their parents. This may cause distress resulting in students shifting to other schools and colleges.

The society is progressing fast and no one prefers opting for slow and time consuming methods of administration. In order to boost the administration process, academic institutes need something fast and interactive and cloud-based technology is the best solution for that. The online school administration software is making work much faster and effective by automating all paper-based procedures such as attendance marking, fee collection, student data entering and enrollment management resulting in quicker solutions and happy parents, students and teachers.

Excel sheets can still be used but all those need to be backed up by an online school management system if a school admin wants to make things work in a more systematic manner. The best thing about digitization is that it limits the need for extra workers due to which all extra income can be spent on improving the education standards of students. Once a school has been able to maintain a well-organized administration network, procedures such as fee collection, student attendance, data archiving and exam management can be performed in the best way possible.

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