4 Interesting Tips to Make You a Likable Teacher

When it comes to teaching students, it is very important to maintain a healthy relationship with every single one of them. Students have been seen working better with friendly and helpful teachers. So before changing the behavior of children, we need to change ourselves. Once we have managed to maintain a healthy student/teacher relationship, we can easily work on various methods of class management on a daily basis. I was very confused when I started my teaching career, but as years passed by, I finally began to see positive results.

likeable teacher

The following easy steps have been working for me for the past 10 years and will definitely help all my friends and fellow colleagues.

Stop Being Biased  

There are certain students that a teacher may tend to develop a liking for resulting in having a biased opinion for him/her. Teachers will be seen working harder for them which is unfair to the rest. The biased opinion of a teacher can also be seen in the student’s annual appraisal reports and exam day. If you give a few students more importance and take some for granted, the ones you have been ignoring will immediately notice your changed behavior towards them resulting in non-serious behavior and bad grades.

Make Every Second Count

Your 30 to 40 minute lecture can make a difference in every single student’s life so all you need to do is make every second of your class count. You may not realize that, but most of the students are idealizing you. This means that all your actions may have a number of reactions if you don’t act appropriately. Your gestures, way of sitting, style of teaching and everything else is being noticed on a daily basis which means that you need to provide your pupils with an impact full class every time to stand before them.

Reward and Punish Your Students   

Punishing students may not be thought of as a good thing to do to any school or college pupil but there are a million civilized ways to punish a student. Hitting or using abusive language is not the solution to keep students on track. The most effective method is to reward progressing students every time they perform well and others will automatically start to feel embarrassed. It works 90% of the times.

Allow Students with Freedom of Speech      

I have witnessed a few cases in which teachers have maintained such a bad reputation in front of the class that students are too afraid to ask questions or communicate freely. Always remember that a scared student is just “listening” to you, not “understanding” you. Students of today will find it hard to learn when a teacher stops them from sharing their point of views in class.

Even though you are a teacher right now, always remember that you once used to be a student as well. Once you start putting yourself in the shoes of your students, you will automatically start to transform your methods of teaching resulting in better classroom atmosphere and student productivity.

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