3 Major School Administration System Problems Have One Simple Solution

Whether its sports, running a government or an academic institute, in order to improve productivity, it is important to change the entire system. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction and that is what happens when school admins facing administration problems, go online.

In developing countries like Pakistan, schools and colleges don’t have the resources to spend on unnecessary administrative procedures. The nation already has a poor literacy rate so families can’t afford to see one more school shutting down. According to many education experts, one main reason for schools not being able to survive is their administration system. It’s not the teachers, it’s not the students and neither is it the academic curriculum.

Problem of solution

Small schools with smart administration structures are still surviving in today’s highly competitive market for over decades now. In the past few years, academic institutes have started to realize that they need to work on improving their management so that students, teachers and parents are satisfied at all times. It is always important to maintain a well-organized academic curriculum, but what is even more important is the school’s administration network because at the end of the day, you are running a business and you need to cut the aggregate costs to the maximum.

Following are a few areas that could’ve been improved if the school had a cloud-based school management system:


  • The biggest of all problems that any academic institute faces on a daily basis is its communication. Students are always running after faculty members for exam schedules and result cards. Parents on the other hand, are mostly pressurizing school admins since they have no idea what’s happening at school. Teachers also sometimes feel hassled therefore, not providing students with the attention they deserve. This huge communication barrier badly affects the school’s productivity.



  • Another major issue faced by school admins in Pakistan is finance management. Manual book keeping can still be seen in many academic institutes which is not just a costly approach, but also wastes a lot of time. Even if schools are using excel sheets on the computer, there comes a time, when things become hard to manage. Data starts to go missing, schools find it difficult to calculate various transactions and there also a risk of cyber fraud and theft.



  • Majority of schools still exist that are manually archiving each student on stacks of register or excel sheets. The problem with keeping registers is that admins or teachers have to go through hundreds of pages just to locate one simple piece of information. The excel sheet method may be a little advanced but again, it does not automatically maintain information throughout the academic years therefore, making the entire procedure of attendance and enrollment very costly and time consuming.


These are just a few examples. There are many other processes that schools and colleges are undertaking in a completely wrong and unnecessary way. The cloud-based school management software has automated all these procedures making administration much easier especially for schools and colleges with limited resources. All important information such as exam schedules, result cards and various news alerts can be published on the internet portal or circulated via the computerized SMS alert service.

Accounts management on the other hand, can also be simplified by automating all important ledgers via cloud based system making work fast, effective and convenient. Similar is the case with student attendance and enrollment. Schools don’t have to go through stacks of registers because all that can be done by just a few clicks. Schools in Pakistan severely need something like this in order to flourish in today’s highly competitive market.

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