Online ERP Solution for All Kinds of Academic Institutes

Before further explanation, it is important to know what ERP is and what it does for your institute. Referred to as Enterprise Resource Planning system, this software solution is used to store, collect and manage data to carry all business activities. The online ERP solution is mainly used to carry out all core administrative procedures such as accounts management, student attendance, exam management, student enrollment and fee management.

Whether small or large, the online school management software is used to handle all school related procedures with foolproof security and accuracy. Academic institutes do not require high-tech computers or IT professionals to run the digital system into the school network. Anyone with basic knowledge of computers can easily operate the web-based software and transform the way schools run.

Online ERP

Almost 20 years ago, the online school management software entered the market and has been assisting schools and colleges ever since. Referred to as the 21st century approach of school management, the cloud-based system has made work fast, convenient and cost-effective for everyone especially schools with limited or scarce resources. The software solution has been circulating across the world for quite some time and is on the go to simplify intricate procedures in the most effective way.

Often referred to as digital school management system, ERP solution can be seen in almost every school or college that wants to thrive in the education industry. Besides from being cost-effective, the software solution is also very user-friendly. Student attendance used to be a huge problem in many schools and colleges across the world. Today, that is not an issue anymore. Teachers can even locate and keep track of students from their smart phones now.

The admin on the other hand, can always make sure everything’s running accordingly by locating various files and records from his/her smartphone. The online ERP solution works efficiently on all servers and does not compile its users to switch to the hosted servers allowing you the ability to use the server of your own choice and avail incredible results.

Report generation always used to be a huge problem in most of the schools and colleges. Using the pen and paper approach to prepare every single report was not just a time consuming procedure, but was also among the most unreliable methods to take place. The online school management system has improved this procedure with utmost efficiency. The filter criteria help in generating the exact report without wasting any time.

According to many schools and colleges, the ERP solution has improved their accounts and examination management system by automating the entire process. Teachers can easily set percentages against obtained marks by just a few clicks and the system will automatically calculate exams, assessments, appraisal reports and so on.  As far as the accounts department is concerned, the online system has provided schools and colleges with digital book keeping facility which has eliminated the need for manually recorded various accounting transactions. This has helped schools and colleges stay away from fraud, theft and misleading records.

All kinds of academic institutes whether small or large now have the opportunity to automate all their important procedures in order to improve the overall productivity.  Schools and colleges can improve their administrative procedures in the most cost-effective way, thanks to the ERP solution.

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