Make Technology an Asset for Your School, Not a Problem

If we look around, we would find out that we cannot function these days without technology.  When it comes to running a school or a college, we would witness that some admins are still reluctant towards technology without knowing the fact that it is an asset, not a liability. Keeping in mind the increasing cases of fraud, theft and cyber-crime, why would anyone still prefer sticking to the traditional methods of administration? Online school management system is a cost-effective solution to all hectic and time consuming procedures allowing school admins to keep track of financial and academic data throughout the academic years.

If we start taking technology as an asset, we would automatically come across an array of conveniences such as easy data management and financial control. Before going into further details, it is important to know why some schools and colleges still prefer to go with various traditional methods of administration. Following are a few methods that are being used widely in many small scale academic institutes.

  • Teachers and school admins going through piles of registers for student data archiving
  • School admins printing stacks of handouts that are either pasted on notice boards or circulated via manual distribution
  • Teachers handing over fee vouchers to students so they could give them to their parents
  • Admins making multiple phone calls whenever they need access to certain types of financial or academic records
  • Offline spreadsheets being used for recording all sorts of student data such as attendance records, enrollment, examination and fee status
  • Maintaining employee accounts and other income and expense related accounts via registers or offline spreadsheets
  • Using the pen and paper approach for marking student attendance
  • Manual calculation of exams and preparation of student reports

Technology is an asset to any academic institute and school admins need to realize that in order to apply faster and more reliable methods of administration. Whether the school has to accommodate 100 students or 500 students, it is always good to use a systematic method of administration. Anyone responsible for managing a school will always love to reduce the aggregate costs and increase or stabilize the overall revenue. Cloud-based technology has improved the methods of administration by providing school admins with an easy way to manage and control the system. Today, anyone with basic knowledge of computer can keep track of all important information such as accounts, enrollment, fee collection, attendance and examination via the online school management system.

Admins do not have to make multiple phone calls in order to have access to a few files and teachers don’t have to report every single thing to the admin. All on-going activities can be monitored and controlled via the centrally controlled cloud-based system. Advancements such as automation has opened the doors to endless possibilities and all school and college owners need to start taking technology as an asset, not a problem.

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