Top and Famous Boarding Schools in Pakistan

Top Boarding Schools


Chand Bagh School (Muridke)

Opened in September 1998, Chand Bagh School is currently accommodating over 800 students. Situated on a land of about 190 acres, Chand Bagh offers O & A Levels along with F.Sc. to its students. The school is known for providing top notch academic and extracurricular facilities to its students.


Aitchison College (Lahore)

The foundation of Aithison College was laid in 1886 College and today it is ranked among the most prestigious schools of Pakistan. More than 2500 students are currently enrolled in this institute and are enjoying both academic and extracurricular activities on a land of almost 200 acres.


Sadiq Public School (Bahawalpur)

Sadiq Public School is among the few boarding schools where a well-built hospital, supermarkets, staff bungalows, amphitheater, IT centre, Laboratories, AV labs and swimming pools are situated within the 450 acres of land. Sadiq Public School is not just a school, it’s an entire world of amazing possibilities.


Army Burn Hall College (Abottabad)

Running actively since 1947, Army Burn Hall College is currently among the biggest boarding schools being operated in Abbottabad. The school has been educating thousands of students from class prep to A level for the past many decades and is still on the go with the same level of perfection.


Cadet College (Kohat)

Known for producing future army officers, ministers and engineers, Cadet College Kohat is proud to be operating successfully for the past many decades. The school is known for providing top notch boarding facilities resulting in shaping up the character of every single student enrolled at the school.


Cadet College (Hasan Abdal)

Founded by the Englishman, Mr. Hugh Catchpole, Cadet College Hasan Abdal has been educating students since 1960. In the past years, the college has earned a unique and unparalleled place of excellence all across Pakistan.


Lawrence College, (Murree)

Situated on the top of Ghora Gali Hills, Lawrence College has been a part of the education world since 1859. The school is known for providing pupils with outstanding educational facilities. The school offers subjects such as, pre-engineering, pre- medical, computer science, general science and GCE O levels.


PAF Public School (Sarghoda)

PAF Public School has been a pride of the Sargodhians since 1952. Known for providing students with quality education, PAF Public School is currently ranked among the top boarding schools of Pakistan.


Military College (Jhelum)

The Prince of Wales inaugurated the Military College Jhelum in 1956. The school’s mission is to educate and groom the cadets physically, mentally and morally. Military College currently accommodates more than 600 students becoming one of the top boarding schools of Pakistan.

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