Importance of Education in Pakistan

Education is almost necessary in today’s highly competitive world. When it comes to countries like Pakistan, it is almost impossible to survive without proper schooling. Education is not just about getting a degree or a piece of paper, education is about respect, dignity and self-confidence. An educated person will always be provided with limitless options throughout his/her life. But of course there are always a few exceptions. Sometimes even a literate person may not be able to relish the life he/she wished for. If we look at the broader picture, the people of Pakistan need to understand the importance of education keeping aside all negative thoughts and opinions.

Importance of education

Our nation needs education more than anything in this world. We are currently on a constant threat of terrorism which can only come to an end when the thought process of people will change and that can be possible through proper education. An illiterate person will never think straight and will always find shortcuts to earn money resulting in higher crime rates and terrorism. Unemployment makes a person do unreasonable things not just in Pakistan, but anywhere across the world.

Education is the basic right of every child and a very important aspect for progress of any nation. Schooling plays the role of a foundation for any child and if the foundation is solid, the child will be able to become a strong and confident human being. If a country wants to grow and lessen poverty, providing education to every single person is the only key to success. No matter which gender, all children deserve proper education. According to statistics, only 80% of the children finish primary level education in Pakistan.

Most of our talent is wasted every year because majority of the pupils don’t have the resources to continue higher studies resulting in low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. Children at an earlier stage are not aware of the consequences of not getting proper education therefore they tend to take this matter for granted. Parents on the other hand, are the ones that need to buckle up their children and send them to school no matter what the circumstances. The education ministry of Pakistan needs to take strict actions on this matter and should start providing families with more and more opportunities to educate their children.

Everybody wants to have a good life and that comes with hard work and devotion. No matter what financial circumstances, it is important for everyone to get proper education or else there is a greater chance they won’t be able to get the life they wished for. Education opens the doors to many possibilities and parents and children need to understand that if they wish to prosper in life.

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