Creating an Environment Where Teachers Want To Work, Rather Than Have to Work

Just like a corporate office, any school is a work place for the teaching staff therefore, it is essential for an admin to create an environment where teachers like working rather than feel bound to work. Money shouldn’t always be the main source of motivation for any employee. Off course it is important for anyone who has to pay the bills, but not all employees think alike. According to past researches, people that are highly qualified, go for the workplace and designation before discussing salary. Same is the case with all kinds of academic institutes. It is important for an admin to create a healthy work environment or else there is a greater chance of him/her losing all the potential workers.


In any academic institute, the admin has to run multiple departments that should be having a separate supervisor, but sadly some schools tend to make teachers sit for extra hours to complete all the work that they are not supposed to do such as counting piles of paper, keeping track of student bios and attendance data and manually calculating exams. Besides from that, some of the top notch private schools who charge every single child more than “10 k” a month do not even have some of the basic facilities such as proper water and sanitation system, air conditioners or even a decent amount of classroom chairs and tables.

Majority of the teachers especially in Pakistan are married females that have children at home. The only reason they work at schools and colleges is because they don’t have enough resources to sit at home and enjoy life. This in itself is a huge pressure for any working mother. Therefore, it is extremely important for schools and colleges to provide them with all the necessary facilities so that they start to feel determined and love their job rather than doing it just for the money.

Education is important for children therefore, the teaching staff needs to give their 100% in class because the future of every single student depends on them. When teachers are happy with their job, they will automatically start to think out of the box and find creative ways to increase student productivity. Students have feeble minds and need special attention especially when they’re at the primary level. At a younger age, children tend to ask a lot of questions and it’s the duty of the teaching staff to assist them with complete determination or else students might lose track of what they’re studying.

It’s essential to create a healthy student-teacher relationship and that can only be possible with the help of an online school management system. When teachers are free from all sorts of administrative burden, they will automatically want to work rather than have to work.

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