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4 Ways to Make School Interesting For Kids

One thing is clear that education is important for every single child and it’s upon us how we provide it to the little ones. It is very common to see students not wanting to go to school especially when kids are at a primary or secondary level. The reason for that is the robotic curriculum of all academic institutes that makes education boring for every single one of them. Thinking out of the box is the key to success therefore; schools should try everything possible to spice things up a little.


No matter how big the school is, children will not study properly until or unless they are being provided with productive activities. If a child’s academic performance and relationships with teachers and friends along with their health are doing well, they will tell you that they enjoy school. Now how to provide a pupil with all that is upon the academic institute’s management. Technology has heavily advanced in the past few years due to which many schools and colleges have experienced immense progress concerning student productivity. According to researchers, any new piece of information for a child is education and that piece can be transferred to children in a million interesting ways.

Following are a few ways that may help make schools interesting for children:

  • Field Trips

The most common activity used in many schools and colleges for centuries is taking their students to various educational or entertainment-based field trips. Every child gets easily fascinated from things that he/she has never seen or heard about therefore; students are usually counting on their field trips. It does not just provide them with newer information, but also lightens up their mood.

  • Experiments

No one likes to be a book worm therefore children should always be provided with challenging scenarios such as experimenting with scientific gadgets or at the botanic gardens. When children accomplish something of the sort, they feel much more confident and happy about themselves.

  • Sports

These days almost every school has the same academic curriculum with the same books and the same criterion. Many students tend to be more productive when they are active and happy and that can be possible through physical education. Basketball, swimming, tennis and all sorts of games will not just boost the morale of the students, but will also make them happy and satisfied.

  • Entertainment  

Following the same routine on a daily basis may affect student productivity therefore; a movie day every now and then is a good idea to relax students and teachers for a while. Sometimes science and history based documentaries can also work as a lecture. Students tend to understand better when they are shown attractive visuals.

School is a learning place for students therefore, it is important for academic institutes to make sure they try different approaches to make things interesting for kids. This will not just improve the overall productivity, but will also earn any school a handsome amount of goodwill.

Creating an Environment Where Teachers Want To Work, Rather Than Have to Work

Just like a corporate office, any school is a work place for the teaching staff therefore, it is essential for an admin to create an environment where teachers like working rather than feel bound to work. Money shouldn’t always be the main source of motivation for any employee. Off course it is important for anyone who has to pay the bills, but not all employees think alike. According to past researches, people that are highly qualified, go for the workplace and designation before discussing salary. Same is the case with all kinds of academic institutes. It is important for an admin to create a healthy work environment or else there is a greater chance of him/her losing all the potential workers.


In any academic institute, the admin has to run multiple departments that should be having a separate supervisor, but sadly some schools tend to make teachers sit for extra hours to complete all the work that they are not supposed to do such as counting piles of paper, keeping track of student bios and attendance data and manually calculating exams. Besides from that, some of the top notch private schools who charge every single child more than “10 k” a month do not even have some of the basic facilities such as proper water and sanitation system, air conditioners or even a decent amount of classroom chairs and tables.

Majority of the teachers especially in Pakistan are married females that have children at home. The only reason they work at schools and colleges is because they don’t have enough resources to sit at home and enjoy life. This in itself is a huge pressure for any working mother. Therefore, it is extremely important for schools and colleges to provide them with all the necessary facilities so that they start to feel determined and love their job rather than doing it just for the money.

Education is important for children therefore, the teaching staff needs to give their 100% in class because the future of every single student depends on them. When teachers are happy with their job, they will automatically start to think out of the box and find creative ways to increase student productivity. Students have feeble minds and need special attention especially when they’re at the primary level. At a younger age, children tend to ask a lot of questions and it’s the duty of the teaching staff to assist them with complete determination or else students might lose track of what they’re studying.

It’s essential to create a healthy student-teacher relationship and that can only be possible with the help of an online school management system. When teachers are free from all sorts of administrative burden, they will automatically want to work rather than have to work.

Importance of Education in Pakistan

Education is almost necessary in today’s highly competitive world. When it comes to countries like Pakistan, it is almost impossible to survive without proper schooling. Education is not just about getting a degree or a piece of paper, education is about respect, dignity and self-confidence. An educated person will always be provided with limitless options throughout his/her life. But of course there are always a few exceptions. Sometimes even a literate person may not be able to relish the life he/she wished for. If we look at the broader picture, the people of Pakistan need to understand the importance of education keeping aside all negative thoughts and opinions.

Importance of education

Our nation needs education more than anything in this world. We are currently on a constant threat of terrorism which can only come to an end when the thought process of people will change and that can be possible through proper education. An illiterate person will never think straight and will always find shortcuts to earn money resulting in higher crime rates and terrorism. Unemployment makes a person do unreasonable things not just in Pakistan, but anywhere across the world.

Education is the basic right of every child and a very important aspect for progress of any nation. Schooling plays the role of a foundation for any child and if the foundation is solid, the child will be able to become a strong and confident human being. If a country wants to grow and lessen poverty, providing education to every single person is the only key to success. No matter which gender, all children deserve proper education. According to statistics, only 80% of the children finish primary level education in Pakistan.

Most of our talent is wasted every year because majority of the pupils don’t have the resources to continue higher studies resulting in low self-esteem, depression and anxiety. Children at an earlier stage are not aware of the consequences of not getting proper education therefore they tend to take this matter for granted. Parents on the other hand, are the ones that need to buckle up their children and send them to school no matter what the circumstances. The education ministry of Pakistan needs to take strict actions on this matter and should start providing families with more and more opportunities to educate their children.

Everybody wants to have a good life and that comes with hard work and devotion. No matter what financial circumstances, it is important for everyone to get proper education or else there is a greater chance they won’t be able to get the life they wished for. Education opens the doors to many possibilities and parents and children need to understand that if they wish to prosper in life.