Most Expensive Schools in Pakistan – Lahore – Karachi – Islamabad

Aitchison College

Aithison is a semi-private college that has been present in Lahore for the past many decades. The institute has been maintaining its standards of top quality education and extracurricular activities for the past many years. Because of the high school fees, not every parent can afford to enroll their children here.


Karachi Grammar School

Running actively since the 18th century, Karachi Grammar School is currently one of the biggest and the most well-established schools of Karachi. Due to it’s high fee rates, many lower or middle class families can only dream to send their children to this month academic institute.


Frobel’s International School

One of the most successful  and expensive schools of Islamabad,  Frobel’s international School has been providing top notch educational facilities to thousands of students to date. It’s network has spread to many other cities of Pakistan in the past years.


Lahore Grammar School

Established in 1979, Lahore Grammar School has been providing its pupils with nothing but excellent educational facilities. Unfortunately, not everyone can afford to send their children to LGS especially to its secondary school due to the high uniform costs, fee structures and several other additional costs.


Beaconhouse School System

Beaconhouse is known for providing the best educational amenities to over 247,000 students across Pakistan and overseas. Due to its state of the art amenities, BSS is ranked in the list of most expensive schools of Pakistan.


Lahore College of Arts and Sciences

Running actively since the late 80s, Lahore College of Arts and Sciences is also ranked among the top and the most expensive schools of Pakistan. The school provides its students with well-equipped labs, sports centers, libraries and audio/visual teaching aids.


The International School of Choueifat

The International School of Choueifat has been maintaining high standards of efficiency and accountability throughout its academic years. But with all that, parents have to pay the high price which can reach up to 20 thousand per student.


The City School

Ranging from lavish gatherings to grand sports events, the City School is among the prominent names in Pakistan’s education industry. Accommodating over 60,000 students in 54 cities across Pakistan, City School can also be ranked among the expensive schools of the industry.

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