Fee Management Has Become Easier for Schools and Colleges

Misleading transactions and various accounting errors used to be a common issue in many academic institutes across the world. Schools and colleges may have shifted to the computer but they are still using the wrong platform.

MS Word and Excel sheets are no more the answer to all sorts of school administrative records. The smart ones have started to shift to the online software solution which not just increases the overall work efficiency, but also makes sure everything is done on a much faster pace. Unintentional double entries, faulty amounts, misspelled forms, wrong calculations and all such issues are now under control. Thanks to Archivist Pakistan.


Softronix has been providing the software solution for over 10 years to some of the top schools and colleges across the world. Higher productivity with lower costs has always been our motto and so far we have helped many academic institutes achieve that in the best way possible. Years of experience and amazing goodwill across the education industry is what makes our product one of the fastest selling software solutions of today.

Fee management for any institute is a hectic and risky job to do, but the computer has entered the system to make things easier for you. 95% of the schools have thrown away stacks of paper and started preparing all their fee related forms and lists via the online school management software.

The fee management module is 100% error-free and never misses a single student entry. This not just reduces the overall manual labor cost for your business, but also increases the pace and efficiency of the fee management process. The software also generates various analytical reports regarding fee revenue throughout the academic years making work much more easy and convenient for the entire school network.  

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