Why Books Can Never Be Replaced With Computers?

In any school, books play a vital role as a guide and source material for millions of students across the world.  Not just school students, but many adults also enjoy reading books as a hobby. According to many studies, reading books opens your mind and gives you various new ideas. In a survey, many students have also stated that they find books more convenient and fun as they are easy to handle. In today’s technologically advance society, scientists and IT professionals may have come up with the solution to almost everything but it’s still hard to see books completely vanishing from the face of earth.

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There’s something about holding a book in your hand and physically turning a page that can’t be matched with a computer screen. A devoted reader knows how it feels to own his favorite book. Not just the content, but books are also known for their unique cover designs and fonts that keep the reader engaged. This is something that can’t be enjoyed when a reader is reading from an iPad computer. Sometimes the traditional ways can’t be replaced with technology and that is why many students at school and passive readers at home have still not embraced the ebook system completely.


How Teenagers and Children Describe Ebooks

Many schools and colleges are trying to replace books with interactive machines and iPads but it may not be the smartest thing to do. Following are the reasons why children should stick to the traditional way of reading books:

  • Not all books are easily available on the internet
  • Eating and reading is always a great combination and with an electronic device in hand, sometimes it gets difficult to do both
  • Ebooks can’t be owned and kept for record
  • Ebook files can easily be deleted from an electronic device
  • The concentration span is more while reading a printed book
  • The attractive book covers and content fonts are a few things that many readers like to see in a printed book


Why Are Electronic Devices Such As iPads Not So Suitable for Reading

  • iPads or laptops cause distractions as students have wide range of options such as social networking, games and songs
  • Reader is always worried about battery drainage
  • Too much exposure to LCD light may cause damage to eyesight
  • You can’t continue reading if your iPad breaks or stops working
  • Carrying an electronic device with you is always risky
  • iPads require too much care
  • Message popups (Facebook/Twitter) can be irritating sometimes


Those days are still very far when every school and college would make electronic devices their primary source material. In countries like Pakistan such an up gradation is very costly and unreliable. Having an iPad at home is something else and bringing one to school is a totally different thing. Students, especially the younger ones need to read and write than to see and type.

Therefore, computers can’t completely take over the education industry any time sooner. Printed books have been and will continue to play an integral part in shaping the lives of millions of students across the world.


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