Banning Smartphones in Class Can Improve Student Progress

If we look around the society, we could see that almost every person has gotten used to various advancements of science and technology. If we take the example of an academic institute, we would see an increasing trend of smartphones being used during recess, class lectures and almost all the time. The problem is that kids these days are using mobile phones for all the wrong reasons which is effecting their academic productivity therefore, banning smartphones can be seen as the only constructive solution.

Children have feeble minds and can get detracted from their studies very easily causing many inconveniences throughout the academic years. Most of the times smartphones become the main reason for students getting expelled from their respective institutes. This results in destroying the future of a child by lengthening his/her academic years and making it difficult for him/her to manage and control the system.

students- smartphones

In majority of the schools and colleges, students are not allowed to use smartphones, but still they somehow manage to carry them to their institutes resulting in an increase in the overall expulsion rate. Students are young and take time to understand the importance of education in life. For most of the pupils, school, life and everything else is just for fun. They don’t realize the long term misfortunes of delaying education or anything else of the sort.

Academic institutes across the world have started to take strict actions against mobile phone usage in classroom. According to many teachers and school admins, students don’t tend to concentrate appropriately when they have smartphones in their hands. It clouds their judgment and affects their overall productivity.

How Student Productivity Gets Affected due to Smartphones?

  • Smartphones can sometimes be a huge distraction due to constant text messages and phone calls
  • Students that could work on something productive in their free period are usually busy wasting time on their smartphones
  • Since smartphones are usually expensive, there is a greater risk of theft or bullying incidents
  • Most of the students tend to indulge in cheating which destroys the meaning of class assessments and quizzes
  • Student waste time on social networks, online shopping or mobile games resulting in 0% concentration towards the lecture
  • Instead of listening and learning, students start to rely on various internet-based search engines

Completely banning a smartphone may not be the smartest solution. What a school can do is keep the cellphones of all the students and give them back after school ends. This way, parents won’t complaint about security or emergency concerns. If any student wants to make an emergency call, he/she can go to the admin office for that. When all eyes would be at the teacher in class, the students would automatically generate positive results.

Smartphones are a huge distraction and need to be banned at least from classrooms so that students are able to focus more towards the lecture and generate positive academic results. Cellphones are spoiling even those pupils who have the potential to generate A grade results.

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