Are Students of Today Sensible Enough To Study on Their Own?

If students were sensible enough to study on their own, there would’ve been no need for schools or teachers. Being a school admin myself gives me the liberty to say that it is our duty to mold the minds of students if we want to achieve positive results. Academic institutes that have given immense free hand to the pupils will and are facing many long term inconveniences. The moment we start giving students freedom and leniency, is the time they start to take us for granted. If we go back like 10 to 15 years, we would witness that back then students didn’t have much exposure to the world via media or internet therefore, they weren’t all very confident or lets just say over confident.

Today, that is not the case. We cannot just leave students at their own and expect them to do everything according to our plan. The moment a teacher turns around, students tend to indulge in non-serious activities. I have been working actively in the education industry for the past 35 years and I have experienced students with laid back attitudes. Most of the children of today believe that they are doing their parents or us teachers a favor by coming to school but the truth is completely the opposite.


Even if a class of 27 students have 2 or 3 sensible students, the rest will spoil them the moment teacher leaves the classroom. In cases like these, the best way is to bribe students. We can always put conditions on them in order to make them complete particular tasks. If children are a bit too young, candies can always work with them but if they are older, things may start to become tricky. Teachers have to think of creative ways to keep them interested.

Whether it’s a classroom or home environment, students usually study better when they are under supervision or have been bribed by the elders. The bribe could be to take them to Disney land or buy them a new outfit. Studies have shown positive results regarding this matter. Students have got straight As after being bribed by their teachers or parents. Letting them work on their own does not seem to be a viable solution till a certain age.

Most of the students tend to become serious after they turn 16 and most of them may not require that much supervision or attention. But still, there is a large number of students that are still not serious about studies and require constant observation throughout their academic years. No matter how serious a student looks, there is always a child trapped inside him. In conclusion, I would like to say that students are not sensible enough to be left alone. Every single pupil requires a certain amount of guidance.

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