5 Effective Teaching Methods and Strategies

Any academic institute is known by the level of its teaching faculty. If an admin manages to maintain a respectable staff of highly skilled and educated teachers, the enrollment ratio would eventually increase because if teachers are good, student productivity will improve. All parents want to see their children perform well and that can be possible if the institute has maintained a decent standard of education. Students depend on their teachers and the school’s reputation depends on its students. Any school can prosper if its student body is able to generate exceptional results and students will automatically perform well, when they go through effective teaching strategies.

best teaching methods

Teaching Tone

Before going into further complexities, it is important for a teacher to set an understandable teaching tone. The way a teacher approaches his/her students is something that directly reflects on the performance of each student. Being a teacher myself, I have always experienced that students tend to give a better response when I act in a friendly behavior. If all teachers start to focus more on “how” than on “what”, it will become easy to manage any class.

Think Out Of the Box

No one likes to have a robotic routine therefore; it is always good to think of innovative ways of teaching. I sometimes sing with my students and dance with them and make them feel like home. Following the same routine on a daily basis may make studying boring for students. So we should always create a lesson plan before going into our next class. It’s always good to create pictures, use slide shows, tablet computers or projector screens to make studying much more fun for the little ones.


When you’re teaching a class, you must always remember to appreciate every single student from time to time because it automatically builds a feeling in their hearts to do more. With a teaching experience of over 10 years, I have come to the conclusion that we should always listen to what a student has to say and appreciate it even if it is not required. It could be behavioral appreciation, or academic appreciation.

Keeping Track

Students tend to forget things or don’t tell teachers or parents therefore, it is important to keep track of what each student is doing academically. I come across many weaklings in a class and such students require extra time and attention. They will never tell you what’s wrong with them until you talk to them about it. So always make sure every single student is under your observation.


No matter how young or old a student is, everybody likes to get rewards. I have learned one thing from personal experience that when you tell students that they’ll receive a reward if they perform a particular task, they will automatically perform well in class. It could be a chocolate, a cap, a lunch box or anything else that makes them happy. Always remember to keep rewarding children throughout the academic years.
These are some of the basic techniques that I have been using in the past 10 years of my teaching career. Ranging from toddlers to bigger students, I have taught almost everyone in the past years and learned one important thing that all students think alike. Any teacher that manages to maintain an interesting and productive classroom environment is from my point of view, a good teacher.

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