How Important Is Education for Females in Pakistan

Education is the right of every living human being and taking that away from them is a sin. Moral ethics and religion strongly says that education should be provided to every living being no matter what gender. Sadly, in countries such as Pakistan, a larger portion of families are still against educating their female children. The reason most of them give is that women are made to get married and clean houses, not work. Most of them don’t realize that well-educated women of today are CEOs, software engineers, powerful politicians and marketing heads of some of the top notch companies across the world. With experience and education comes greater opportunities, but some people have failed to understand that.

female education in pakistan

Education plays a vital role in shaping up the life of any human being. When our religion strongly emphasizes on equality, who are we to stop our children from studying? Women have been to the moon, become successful boxers, footballers, tennis players, wrestlers and what not. This shows that females have the capacity and the capability to do anything a male can do. Underestimating them is completely wrong and unethical.

A country such as Pakistan that is already on a constant threat needs to understand the importance of education before it’s too late. Another commonly practiced routine in Pakistan is that families spend thousands of rupees on educating their female children and when they finally top in their respective subjects and start to feel confident, their parents marry them to some well-settled person who makes them sit at home for the rest of their lives. It is okay to some extent to educate your children and not letting them be a part of the corporate world, but this should not be made a definite obligation.

Education opens many doors for a person both knowingly and unknowingly. It shapes up a human being mentally and physically. The way you sit, speak and approach others, reflects your educational background. Why should only men get all the conveniences of life when women are also created by the same God? No matter what country, religion or language, women have every right to go to school and get proper education.

The Islamic Republic of Pakistan is violating its most important duties and that is spreading knowledge that comes with schooling. Our potential pupils would never leave their country for education and better job opportunities if they felt loved and wanted in their very own nation. These double standards are not just affecting the lives of people, but are also portraying a bad face of the county. Education is equally important for women as it is for men. The world is progressing fast, so should we.

Maintaining a biased approach is not going to take us anywhere, but further down the drain. No religion forbids women from going to schools and colleges and our people need to realize that before they end up living an unhappy life.

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