How Important Is Digitization for Effective School Management?

A school may survive without a classroom projector, but it cannot survive without a proper administration network. Looking at the increasing competition in these modern times, digitization seems to be a must for schools and colleges of all kinds. Traditional methods may be suitable to some extent, but an entire school cannot function properly without various technological advancements especially when it comes to running the administration network.

No one wants to handle, monitor and distribute bulks of paper anymore. Online school management system has entered the market to eliminate that problem. Cloud-based technology comes with an array of extra-ordinary modules that any small or large scale institute can avail. No IT specialization or extended computer space is required to keep the software running. Any person with little or no IT background and computer with minimal specs can run and monitor multiple departments including, accounts, examination and student affairs very conveniently. Academic institutes of today can be made a more productive and cost-effective place.

school management

Online school administration system has been serving many large and small scale institutes and is still on the go to provide assistance to multiple schools and colleges across the world. The software solution has eliminated all sorts of administrative and managerial issues in the best way possible. Relying too much on manual labor and time consuming procedures is not referred to as a smart approach anymore. Digitization has been playing a major role in the education industry providing schools and colleges with quicker and smarter ways of data management.

The entire school network including, teachers, students, parents and school admins are all interlinked with an online school management system. Teachers can now prepare, manage and calculate exam papers and report cards via the digital system and students as well as their parents can finally have the convenience of accessing all sorts of records and reports such as fee vouchers, exam schedules, behavior reports and mark sheets via the web portal. The newly invented SMS alert system also works as a helping hand providing schools and colleges with a convenient method of circulating important messages and alerts in just a few seconds.

Marking student attendance via the pen and paper approach is not referred to as a smart method anymore because it does not just waste time, but also leads to instances such as data loss and file misplacement. Digital attendance marking can eliminate all sorts of risks. Similar is the case with all other departments and procedures such as accounts, exam management, fee collection and enrollment. Through digitization, the teaching staff can finally work in a stress-free atmosphere and help improve and enhance the productivity ratio of students.

Automation is among the key factors of running any school or college successfully. Since a number of departments are associated with each other, it is no more feasible for an academic institute to rely on manual labor and paper based procedures. Keeping in mind the endless possibilities and benefits, digitization seems to be the only viable solution for having a better school management system.

Technology Making Administration Much Easy and Convenient for Schools of Today

Anyone would like to opt for a management system that doesn’t require that many hands. In this day and age, no one likes to bear extra costs especially, when it comes to managing administrative procedures. Every single school likes to get an edge over its competitors therefore, it is very important for school owners to have complete knowledge of what others are doing. In order to run an academic institute effectively, it is important to make sure nothing goes missing or unnoticed. That is what makes the online system a popular choice for majority of school admins of today.

In the past few years, many methods of school management have transformed extensively. No one likes to go through hectic and time consuming methods of administration such as manual book keeping of accounts or offline spreadsheets. All those struggling with school management problems can always opt for digitization and benefit from the endless possibilities that come with it. Any school or college no matter what size or type can experience extraordinary results if provided with the right amount of tools. The best part about automation is that it does not require months of training or specialist staff members.

Technology in the hands of businessmen

Technology in the hands of businessmen

The 21st century demands for up gradation of procedures throughout the academic years. Not just teachers, in fact, parents and students also feel more comfortable in a tech savvy environment. One of the main reasons for that is because pupils as well as their parents have gotten used to the conveniences of cloud-based technology therefore, they always prefer going with faster and effective methods of administration.

Online school management system is making administration much convenient and effective for schools and colleges of today. Keeping in mind the array of conveniences, automation seems to be the only viable solution for quicker and better results. The rapidly increasing demand of this software has taken the market by storm and every school wants one installed right away. It has not just made lives easier for majority of the educational institutes, but has also reduced their aggregate expenditures.

The size of the institute does not matter anymore. As long as the school doesn’t matter how big or small your setup is, this online school management system works just fine according to your requirements. It is by far the simplest solution to all sorts of administrative issues and that is why everyone is going gaga over it. Online school management system is providing academic institutes with faster and effective methods of administration.

Why Time Management Is Important For Running a School Successfully

Time is money and every minute wasted means you’re reducing your aggregate profitability ratio. Academic institutes of today may not be able to function properly without a well-organized administration system. School and college owners need to buckle up if they want to get an edge over their competitors. No matter what the size of the institute, anyone can achieve positive results if the school learns the tactics of time management. Running a school effectively can always be a challenge for any school admin. In today’s highly competitive education industry, admins can’t just rely on costly and time consuming methods of administration; they need to think out of the box.

When it comes to having access to important information such as exam schedules, result cards and attendance reports, it may waste a lot of time if the admin is relying on various traditional methods of administration such as register keeping, offline spreadsheet and postal services. Schools and colleges of today are required to stay alert and attentive at all times. All important information needs to be at the fingertips of the school admins as well as the parents, teachers and students. The only way to do that is via online school management system.

Automation of records is the only way to manage time effectively. Once all financial and academic data is being controlled via cloud-based technology, no one has to depend on telephone calls, emails or postal services. Schools and colleges of today need to make sure everything goes according to the planned and designed academic curriculum and that can only be possible with the help of the digital school management system.

When it comes to data management, school admins are required to make sure everything goes according to the requirements of the institute. In order to complete all procedures in time, stakeholders need to get rid of all traditional methods of administration. When it comes to students and parents of today, they would never like to wait for exam schedules and result cards more than the required time. Similar is the case with school admins. It is always good to have a centrally controlled academic institute than assign multiple departments to multiple employees.

In today’s rapidly progressing society, no one likes to wait therefore; it is always good to have a well-organized administration network. Any school or college will only be able to run successfully if all its procedures and departments are well-connected with each other. When it comes to running an academic institute, success only comes when an admin manages to have better and quicker management strategies.

School is all about learning discipline and that should not only be restricted to students in fact, everyone including, admins, teachers and parents are also required to learn discipline. It does not just make administration easy, but also results in increased student-teacher productivity.

How Important Is Technology For Children?

Both knowingly and unknowingly, children have gotten complete access to various technological gadgets and advancements. From a very early age, parents tend to hand over tablets and mobile phones to their children which automatically make them accustomed to cloud-based technology. Children of today are fully familiarized with using social media websites and next-gen smartphones. There is no denying about the fact that technology plays a major role in the lives of every single human being no matter what age or circumstances. As far as schools and colleges are concerned, digitization has become a norm. Students are no more required to physically roam around the school campus or go after every single teacher throughout the academic years. Technology has provided students with an easy way of assessing important study material and so on.

Whether it’s the process of sharing notes or accessing fee vouchers, all important records have been digitized. Besides from school admins and teachers relying heavily on various technological advancements such as digital data sharing, SMS alert service and online exam calculation system, children have also been seen utilizing technology to the fullest. Looking at the current scenario of the education industry, one thing is clear that the online school management system is making administration and schooling much more convenient and effective for children and faculty members of today.  

Technology with child 

The importance of technology of all kinds has sky rocketed, providing schools and colleges with greater and faster methods of administration. Children of today cannot carry their lesson plans or complete important assignments without using cloud-based technology. The 21st century approach of studying includes utilizing the available technological advancements such as, computer labs, easy data sharing system and learning through eBooks and tablet computers.

Procedures may not be able to function as planned when there is little or no technology involved. If we want our children to survive in the highly competitive education industry, we have to make sure they have complete knowledge of every single procedure. It has become very important for us to introduce our children to the next-gen ways of data management. Academic institutes of today are providing schools and colleges with an array of extraordinary facilities making the entire education and administration process much more convenient and effective for everyone.

Digitization has improved the learning abilities of children by providing them with interactive methods of studying such as via projector screens, tablet computers and eBooks. Children of today are lucky enough to be getting to choose from various technological advancements resulting in more improved learning abilities.

The Importance of Bringing Technology in Schools and Colleges

Immense competition is what the education industry has been experiencing for the past many years making it difficult for small scale schools and colleges to cope up with the changing methods and technologies. This is the point where school admins specially running smaller schools need to come up with improved and enhanced methods of management. Academic institutes of today are required to make sure every piece of information whether academic or financial is recorded in the best way and at the right time. It’s the 21st century and schools and colleges cannot go through various hectic and lengthy procedures especially when the ratio of competition is escalating. In order to improve productivity; it is always good to make sure every single procedure is being maintained in the best way possible.


It has become very important for schools and colleges of today to transform their existing methods of administration so that they could be able to run all core departments in the best way possible. Digital school management system can work as a great helping tool allowing school admins to carry all administrative procedures according to the required alterations. Keeping in mind the increasing competition, the decision makers cannot take the risk of going through slow and time consuming methods of administration. Something or someone needs to be changed in order to bring positivity into the school network.

Using cloud-based technology into schools and colleges seems to be the only viable solution to help small scale schools survive. Any school admin has to keep track of multiple departments and procedures including, accounts, examination, student affairs, fee collection and so on.  All such procedures are very important to any school owner making it very important for him/her to revolutionize the entire school administration system. Academic institutes of today have to go through many slow and intricate methods of administration and the only way to keep track of them is via online school admin system.

Many schools and colleges of today are thriving for acceptance across the education industry, but only a few are able to make a name for themselves. According to a recent survey, parents as well as children are more interested in schools that have maintained a tech savvy look rather than those that are still following the chalk and duster approach. The world is progressing fast both scientifically and technologically providing schools and colleges of today with a million different options to benefit from. No one likes to opt for the traditional methods of administration and one of the main reasons for that are the slow and unproductive results.

It has become very important for school admins of today to make sure everything is up to the mark. Online school management system is providing academic institutes of today to not only improve student productivity, but make sure everything else goes according to the requirements as well. Digitization seems to be the best way to make sure everything functions accordingly. It not only helps automate all departments, but also allows children to learn better and generate productive results.

Why Teachers Are Paid Less In Pakistan?

The education industry of Pakistan is facing a constant threat for the past many years. Still many well-educated people do not take teaching as a proper career and one of the main reasons are poor work conditions and low salary rates. Pakistan has undoubtedly experienced a rise in its overall student enrollment ratio, but teachers are the ones that have to face multiple challenges on a daily basis. One of the main reasons why majority of the teachers are under paid include, the imbalance in structure of various academic institutes. The ratio of revenue is low and schools and colleges have to go through various time consuming methods of administration.

Teacher-paid less

Many educational giants are enjoying a huge monopoly in the education industry of Pakistan due to which small scale schools have to face many difficulties. All such schools have to think sharp while deciding for the allocation of resources. They can either improve the standards of education and various other amenities or provide teachers with high salary rates. In situations like these, teachers are mostly compromised.

Another sad part about the education industry of Pakistan is that teachers are usually over-burdened with work. They have to sit after school for multiple hours and even on weekends and go through piles of student records and exam calculation procedures. In spite of taking extra work from teachers, school admins still don’t pay them the salary that they deserve. That is the reason why majority of the highly educated people take teaching as a part time or temporary job.

If we look at the broader picture, a school is not good enough if its faculty members are weak or meagerly educated. This shows that schools and colleges need to have a team of experienced and well-educated teachers if they want to stabilize or expand in the industry. Under-paid teachers usually don’t take their jobs seriously which directly affects the performance of the student body. Unemployment ratio has been sky rocketing in Pakistan for the past many years therefore, there is never a shortage of under paid teachers. School admins usually take leverage of all such things due to which many schools and colleges are providing academic institutes with better and faster methods of administration.

By paying teachers less, school admins are putting the future of students at stake. Underpaid teachers usually work half-heartedly and allow school admins to make sure all administrative procedures are running actively. It is understandable to a certain extent that school admins have to face a lot of competition, but punishing students by hiring cheap and under skilled teachers is never a smart solution. Admins can and should start using online school administration system so that teachers could be provided with some breathing space.

Besides that, academic institutes need to look for smarter and effective ways of running schools rather than putting both teachers and students at stake. Providing teachers with good salary rates is not just going to boost student productivity, but will also allow small scale schools to expand in the industry.

Learning Software, Apps and Games for Kids of the 21st Century

Since the society has leaned a lot towards cloud-based technology and various technological gadgets, children also seem to learn better from interactive applications and games instead of lengthy books and notes. In order to help little learners enjoy the learning process to the fullest, a few smart minds have programmed a variety of exciting apps and games. Instead of gazing at the board, alphabets could be learnt and math problems could be solved through interactive games. The times have changed and children are finally accustomed to the 21st century learning approach. Following are a few next-gen developments that are helping the children of today to learn new lessons and ideas in style.

learning-games-for kids

Agitnus – Personal Learning Program

Agitnus is a specially designed smart phone app for kids. The recommended age for this app is from pre-school to first grade. Toddlers get to learn new colors, shapes, languages and a lot more. Whether your child uses a tablet compute or a lap top, everyone can find something new to learn after every single click. You also receive a weekly summary from Agitnus stating the child’s progress.


Study X

Study X fills a void for those students who like to study using flashcards they have created. The program is also well-suited for homeschooling use, where the parent/teacher could use it to create study, review, and test materials. Study X is for all those students who like to create their own study guides and review materials. Students have the ease to do everything their way by recording all important information anytime.


Meteor Math

A few developers have made learning Math easier for children by designing an interactive video game for them. Meteor Math is a multiplayer math game that allows children to customize their level of difficulty and play accordingly. After playing the 7 head-to-head mini stages, you get to decide who becomes the Cosmic Reactor Champion.


Endless Alphabets

This game is specially designed for all those children who make a lot of spelling mistakes. The game misspells a word on purpose and allows the player to spell it correctly. Through this healthy exercise, children do not just get to have a joyful time, but also end up correcting most of their spelling mistakes.


Telling Time Quiz

The Telling Time Quiz game is specially designed for children who have trouble telling time. It is among the most basic things to be learnt by any toddler or old child. It’s always fun to learn the art of telling time through a smart and interactive video games.


Digital Accounts Management System Transforming the Accounts Department of Pakistani Schools

When it comes to accounts management, it is necessary for all concerned authorities to view multiple types of summaries and reports throughout the academic years. Keeping in mind the increasing competition, it has become necessary for schools and colleges to maintain a tech savvy look. The digital accounts management system provides an institute with all sorts of important reports such as accounts receivable reports, cash book report, bounced and lost cheque report, expense detail and summary reports, accounts payable reports and so on. Procedures were never so easy and convenient before.  Things weren’t so convenient for schools until online school management entered the education industry.

Digital-Management system

Schools and colleges in multiple countries have been seeing immense competition lately and cloud-based technology is what has made it possible for many academic institutes to not just survive, but expand. It used to be a huge problem to manage procedures like fee collection, admission vouchers, student fines, employee salaries and sundry expenses before. Today all such procedures can be monitored via a centrally controlled system. All financial transactions can be managed and controlled via online school management system.

These days, it has become very risky to rely on manual bookkeeping. It does not just waste an institute’s time, but also complicates most of the simple procedures. Archivist Pakistan runs on cloud-based technology eliminating the need for installation or any similar hassle. The computerized finance management system helps keep track of all sorts of calculations due to which school admins may not have to witness errors, mistakes or fraudulence.

Serving the education world for over 15 years, Archivist Pakistan has been generating positive results ever since its inception. The digital system has a built-in chart of accounts which is interlinked with each module that comes with the online school management system. Schools and colleges don’t need to worry about handling accounts because that area has been covered by the new accounts management software solution. It is always risky to manage accounts based transactions as they are lengthy, intricate and sometimes hard to manage. The accounts management software by Softronix meets the highest to the lowest demands of the education industry.

Admins, parents, teachers and students are not required to rely on slow and time consuming methods of administration anymore. They can finally enjoy being a part of a well-organized administration network. Parents don’t have to go through the hassle of collecting or paying school fees at the school’s accounts office. Teachers have to manually distribute fee vouchers and admins don’t have to go through piles of registers or offline spreadsheets anymore. As far as the students are concerned, they don’t have to go through the trouble of handing over fee vouchers to their parents. Online school administration system has made school management easy, convenient, effective and faster than before

Impact of Social Media in School Kids Education

Social media has been playing a major role in the lives of billions of human beings across the world. Conveniences such as cloud-based technology, web portals and social media have both its positive and negative effects. If we take a look at the schools and colleges of today, we could witness that students function better when teachers make use of cloud-based technology to the fullest. Still, children lack at a few areas just because of the excessive use of social media. Both knowing and unknowingly, social media is affecting the lives of students in a million different ways. Following are a few points that provide a clearer picture of how social media is affecting the students of today.


Students Are Lacking Communication Skills

Due to excessive use of social media websites, students seem to find difficulties in having one on one communications. Most of them seem to have lost all confidence in openly having a conversation with fellow classmates or the teaching staff.  The reason for that is because most of the students waste time sitting behind the computer screens and feel more comfortable talking online than face to face.


social media effect

Poor Pronunciation and Grammar

The routine of talking in shortcuts and slang English has badly affected the grammar and pronunciation of students. According to many children, it is “uncool” to write longer sentences and phrases on social media therefore, children or lets just say, youngsters tend to invent newer and shorter words in order to sound cool and interesting on the internet. This is undoubtedly destroying what they learnt at school.

Children May Become Lonely and Depressed

Children who are too much involved in social media websites tend to avoid meeting people in person. They do not only avoid socializing, but also tend to have lesser things or sometimes nothing to say at all when meeting someone in person. This results in children avoiding social gatherings and preferring to stay alone most of the times. Things like these may affect the personalities of a number of pupils.

Students Tend To Forget Things Quickly  

Even if a student listens to a lecture carefully, there is a greater chance of him/her forgetting everything in a few days or sometimes hours. The excessive use of social media has destroyed the ability to retain information. The moment a student forgets something, he/she tends to immediately look for answers on the internet without even trying to think or brainstorm. This practice is not only making students dull, but also making it hard for them to handle too much information in too little time.
As mentioned above, social media has been playing a major role in the lives of students of today. It is not only affecting their communication skills, but also making them slow learners. Academic institutes of today are required to make students sufficient enough to think and act smart without having to rely on social media websites

Top 5 Learning Gadgets for Children of the 21st Century 2016

Parents of the 21st century have finally realized that we are not living in Stone Age anymore and our children deserve to have a few electronic gadgets of their own for better learning and understanding. Children of today have a lot of exposure to the media and internet therefore, they are more inclined towards technological gadgets than books or various other traditional methods of learning. There are a variety of safe to use learning gadgets that can be used by toddlers and even older students of today. Children of today are not as innocent and dull as they used be a decade ago. They tend to get distracted and bored very easily therefore, it is very important for parents to provide them with a substantial amount of learning gadgets.

Below is the list of a few next-gen gadgets that are helping children of today to grow and learn faster.

1 Alphaberry


As we all know that children love to push buttons. Keeping that in mind, the Alphaberry is specially designed to make alphabet learning much easy and fun for children. By pressing alphabets on the device, children not only get to learn and listen to letters, but also enjoy listening to music and nursery rhymes.

2 Vtech Learning laptop

Vtech laptop

Children tend to develop the habit of observing elders and at some point they have seen laptops in the hands of their parents. The Vtech learning laptop can work as a substitute for the real thing. Most of the parents cannot afford to buy expensive laptops or don’t want to go through the risk of handing them over to toddlers. This is where the learning laptop can work as a life saver. It does not only have educational games, but is also loaded with a variety of fun filled activities as well.

3 Firefly Mobile Phone


The firefly mobile phones are specially designed for children. It’s a fully functional cellphone from which children can send text messages and receive calls just like any other cellphone. The phone also allows parents to monitor all ongoing activities of their children.

4 Learning Alphie


Children specially the little ones are always inclined towards colorful gadgets and there is no better option than providing them with an interactive alphabet learning gadget popular by the name Learning Alphie. This robot does not only have a beautiful LCD display, but also speaks and responds after each command.

5 VTech InnoTab


The V Tech Inno Tab is specially designed for kids allowing them to enjoy reading notes and playing games. Children of today, do not only get to play games, but also enjoy various interactive apps such including subjects such as, English, Science, Math, Physics and so on.  The VTech Inno Tab provides children with an easy way to learn various lesson plans

Children of today have started to think and act fast therefore; they are more inclined towards various next-gen gadgets. Reading from books and relying on lengthy lectures is something that children do not prefer to opt for these days. Parents can make the learning process fun and interesting by letting their children benefit from the above mentioned gadgets.