Online VS Offline School Management Software

A school management software is a solution especially designed to simplify administration and supervisory procedures of any academic institute. Before going into detail, it is important to define both types of school management software solutions on an individual level.

The offline version often referred to as ERP software consists of multiple modules based on what best meets the specific needs and technical capabilities of the organization. Such type of software goes through proper installation process before running. It can be used to manage various in-house  activities and tasks such as, improve accuracy of financial data, distribution process management, supply chain management, services knowledge base, facilitate better project planning, automate employee life-cycle, standardize critical business procedures, reduce redundant tasks, assess business needs, lower purchasing costs, manage payroll and so on.

The online school management software on the other hand, is similar to ERP software but the only difference it has is that it runs on cloud based technology that means via the internet. It does not require any kind of installation. The user is just provided with a username and password and the web-based software is ready to go. The major advantage it has over the offline system is that it can be run from anywhere with the availability of internet. This type of software solution is used for simplifying various administrative procedures such as school fee collection, exam management, student attendance, employee accounts, expense accounts and the list goes on.

school managemnet software

Both the software solutions have similar specifications and also come with almost the same lineup of advantages. Everyone involved with schools such as parents, teachers, students and admins can benefit from the school management software.


Tactical Advantages

School management system can provide several strategic advantages to your schools.

  • It allows you to easily manage multiple campuses
  • All paper related processes become automated
  • Gives the admin more time to focus on various strategic tasks
  • The software is customizable
  • Supports multiple languages


Advantages to Management

School administrative staff can reap the following benefits:

  • Effective communication between teachers, parents and students
  • Gives the school a tech savvy image
  • Resource optimization
  • Lesser chances of errors and mistakes
  • Resources can be utilized more efficiently
  • Easy availability to microscopic and macroscopic information


Advantages to School Administration

Some of the key advantages to the administration department are as follows:

  • Limits the overall dependency ratio
  • Report generation becomes quicker and convenient
  • No IT skills required for using the software
  • Access to student data in seconds
  • No more data redundancy
  • Fast, user-friendly and highly effective
  • Automated student enrollment
  • Fee collection has become very easy and accurate

Advantages to Teachers

This school management system software offers several benefits to teachers such as:

  • Computerized management of marks and grades
  • Automated exam calculation
  • Easy access to student attendance records
  • School activities can be organized more efficiently
  • Efficient and effective interaction with parents
  • Students can be given more time and attention
  • Timetable can be created before time and posted on the internet portal
  • Teachers don’t have to worry about most of the paperwork anymore

Advantages to Students

  • Like everyone else, students are also gaining from the school management software:
  • Easy access to attendance, timetable, marks, grades and examination schedule
  • Students get more time to interact with teachers as teachers are free from administrative burden.
  • Lower work load on teachers increases their focus on students.
  • Teachers and students can work on various extra-curricular activities together.
  • SMS alert system keeps students in touch with the entire school network.
  • In case of emergencies, students can be sent holiday notices via online managing system.
  • Students can check their academic status anytime they want to.

Advantages to Parents

Some of the advantages of school software for parents are:

  • Active participation in school activities
  • Reliable update on child’s attendance, progress report and fee payment
  • Helps create a healthy parent-teacher bond
  • Parents can keep track of their children at all times
  • Prior information about school events and holidays

Both the offline and online school management software has similar advantages but the online version can be called a more advantageous solution as it provides users with web-based access to various files, records and documents assuring the safety and security of each paper.

The online version gives students and parents the liberty to have access to various types of information such as exam schedules, appraisal reports, grade lists, school notices and fee vouchers therefore becoming a much more convenient method of school management.

Students and Teachers Are Equally Important To Any Academic Institute

Providing education to the little ones is our responsibility and a child is obligated to study with full adeptness. No matter how good or bad a school’s curriculum is, teachers are the ones held answerable at all times. That is why any school admin has to make sure teachers and students are provided with extra care.

Running an academic institute can be challenging for most of the admins with new setups and all such entrepreneurs now have a wide range of options to choose from. Technology has made school administration easier and much more cost-effective for everybody. Setting up an academic institute used to be a huge deal before, but today, almost anyone with limited resources has entered the education industry and is reaping the benefits to this date.

It may sound confusing as to why and how has it become so easy to run an entire school system, the answer to that is pretty simple. Majority of the school owners have eliminated the use of paper and started using the software solution for various administrative procedures such as fee management, student enrollment, attendance, employee accounts and so on.


How are efficient school management systems helping teachers and students at the same time again raises a few eye brows. Most of the school related procedures that teachers were asked to complete with a mentioned deadline, can now be completed via the cloud-based software solution. Those who run various schools and colleges can easily relate to this.

A student has to study with one teacher in front of his/her sight, but a teacher has to handle hundreds of students on a daily basis making it the admins responsibility to provide each teacher with a stress-free working schedule. Those schools that are using the automated administration system don’t have to ask teachers for much because most of the paperwork has already been organized and arranged via the computerized system.

The teacher’s mood directly reflects on a student’s performance. So a happy and tension-free teacher would always provide young learners with the best schooling experience at all times. It is extremely important to maintain a healthy student-teacher relationship as the future of the school depends on it. Children always need a helping hand during their learning stages and that is what schools are made for.

These days, parents are mostly busy working which leaves them with very little or no time to focus on their children regarding education. This is where a teacher comes into picture. Students are required to be provided with proper attention at all times and an automatic system has helped achieve that with full efficiency. Every school has a few weak students who require more attention and a teacher with a stress-free schedule can always look after such weaklings.

Students and teachers are the most important asset to any academic institute. They need to be provided with all sorts of amenities in order to improve the school’s overall productivity ratio. This will not just help the school admin, but also help produce many good human beings that will benefit the society in the long run.

Literacy Rate of Education in Pakistan 2016

Pakistan is among the most densely populated countries of the world. Currently, over 180 million people reside here making it the 6th most populous country of the world. People belonging to various casts, culture and color can be found. The overall literacy rate has always been a huge concern here.

Pakistan has one of the lowest literacy rates in the world and according to the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (UNESCO), it is 55 per cent and Pakistan stands at 160th in total countries of the world.

Many schools and colleges are entering the education industry especially in various big cities of Pakistan but those living in rural areas are on a greater loss. Even if children want to study, they can’t, due to lack of resources or family pressure. The main reason for families not allowing their children especially girls to study is again illiteracy.


Proper education provides a child with lifelong benefits. It does not just give you knowledge, but also makes you a better person. It provides you with social acceptability in the society and gives you empowerment regarding decision making, problem solving and even multi-tasking. Education should not be considered as a want in fact, it should be perceived as a need for every living human being on earth.

The general understanding of literacy is to be able to read and write but unfortunately millions of people in Pakistan are deprived of even that. Pakistan is divided into multiple provinces and each province is facing different literacy scenarios.


Having over 56% of countries population makes Punjab one of the most populous provinces of Pakistan. It consists of many important cities such as Lahore, Faisalabad, Multan, Bahawalpur, Gujranwala, Multan, Sialkot and so on. Over 3.8 million illiterate people currently reside in Punjab. This means that millions of people over the age of 15 cannot read or write in any language.

There are only six districts in Punjab that have above 70pc literacy rate. They are Lahore, Gujranwala, Rawalpindi, Chakwal and Gujrat. Most of the improvements have been seen at the primary level. Still a lot of work needs to be done in order to bring a bigger change.


Known for having a population of over 25 million people, Sindh can be called the most populated province of Pakistan. As far as its literacy rates are concerned, they are below 50 percent in rural areas. Karachi is leading the race and the rest are not even on the second or third position. Hyderabad, Mirpur Khas, Larkana and Jamshoro are a few other cities that can see a reasonable amount of literacy rate. On the whole, many children are deprived of education due to which a greater percentage of child labor can also be witnessed.

Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Due to increasing security threats, families here are always concerned about sending children to schools. According to a recent report, the overall literacy rate in this province is 50%. Peshawar is among the most densely populated cities of KPK and is known for having a number of private and public schools. Some of the other major cities such as Mansehra, Mardana and Mingora are still deprived of a proper educational system.


For being an arid desert and a mountainous region, this province has always had hardships in building school based amenities. Just over one-quarter (28%) of the population 10 years and over is literate, with males 39% and females 16%. The barren land plays the role of a barrier in most of the cities resulting in a very poor literacy rate.

It is a challenge for Pakistan to improve its literacy rate and the situation demands that the government rethink the whole issue of literacy. Children are among the most valuable assets to any country and they need to be provided with proper education no matter what circumstances. Education works as a foundation for any child, it needs to be strong and firm in order to change the face of Pakistan.

Top 5 Famous Private Schools in Lahore Pakistan

Top Schools in Lahore

Education plays a vital role in the development of an individual because it shapes the little ones both physically and mentally. An educated person does not have to announce whether he/she went to school or not, it automatically reflects on each person when he/she grows up. Education works as a base for any child and if the base is strong, the building gets even stronger.

With literacy rate of over 74%, Lahore is well known for having some of the best schools, colleges and universities. Many youngsters travel from other cities just to receive proper education in Lahore. Education is something that helps a child to socialize, be a good human being and outshine in life. Hence, all parents want their children to get the best education.

There are many private and government owned schools in the city but due to lack of resources, government schools find it hard to compete with the high-fi private school systems. Call it double standards or unfair, but that is how it has been going on in the beautiful city of Lahore. Those who can afford the heavy fee structures are happily enrolling their children to some of the most expensive school networks of Lahore that are all privately owned.

 Best Montessori / Pre-Schools in Lahore

There are hundreds of private and government owned primary schools in Lahore but only a few have been topping the race for the past many years. Aitchison Junior School is where every parent wants their children to study. The location, facilities and overall structure makes this school a top priority for all. Lahore Grammer School Junior has also been providing its students with state of the art amenities due to which it is enjoying a healthy enrollment ratio for the past many decades.

Beaconhouse Junior on the other hand, is also topping the race by providing thousands of little learners with a safe and healthy learning environment. When it comes to primary schools, The City School is one of the most popular choices of many parents throughout the city of Lahore. The school’s huge network of branches has earned it an amazing goodwill in the past years.

Les Anges Montessori Academy situated in Gulberg, Lahore can be called one of the best Montessori schools known for providing children with top notch academic and extra-curricular facilities. Last but not the least, The Lahore Lyceum Junior is also topping the race for providing the city with a network of well-equipped school buildings and a high quality educational experience.

 Best Secondary Schools in Lahore

Once again Aitchison tops the game for having some of the best in-house facilities for students. The College encourages pupils from diverse cultural, rural and religious backgrounds who can bring the social and linguistic diversity that are the hallmark of the college. Lahore Grammer School is also one of the most talked about academic institutes in Lahore known for shaping thousands of pupils for a prosperous future.

Beaconhouse School System has been maintaining its high standards with full competence and producing thousands of little learners on an annual basis. Running successfully for over two decades, Lacas also makes it to the list of top secondary schools of Lahore with grace. Convent of Jesus and Mary is also known for producing many high achieving students in the past years therefore making it to the list of top secondary schools of Lahore.

The international school of Choueifat is highly admired for providing children with decades of educational excellence and that is why it can be called one of the best schools in Lahore. SICAS is another top secondary school that is currently educating thousands of students in its network of multiple branches.

Lahore is the educational hub of Pakistan and the schools mentioned above are currently topping the list. Thousands of children and teenagers are currently enrolled in these institutes to not just learn, but come out becoming better human beings as well.

How Are Schools and Colleges Benefiting From the Cloud-Based School Management System

Online school management software is the new way of running schools and colleges throughout the education industry. Those times are long gone when schools needed to hire extra staff members to manage all their administrative procedures. When your hectic paperwork is being taken care of by the computer, why would you hire manual labor?

No one wants to delay work these days. School admins want quicker results in lesser time and on top of that, they want the overall costs to be minimal. There is undoubtedly no better option than installing web-based school management software.


The increasing competition in education industry leaves principals with no option but to find quicker and efficient ways of running schools. The software solution comes into play in situations like these. No matter how small or big your institute is, you can always install the school management software in your system.

Your entire school network including principal, teachers, students and even parents benefit from this modern change in multiple ways. It not just speeds up your procedures but also makes work easier and much more convenient for you. The online school management software is the smartest way to carry all your time consuming school procedures.


How Does An Admin Benefit From The Software Solution?

With the school management suit, also comes the mobile app which helps the admin stay connected from wherever he/she wants, whenever he/she wants.  All sorts of records, charts and documents are now on the palm of your hand. If you own a school or college and travel a lot, the Archivist Executive module is the best tool for you.

 Some of its benefits include:

  • Easy Access to detailed reports of student attendance
  • In order to make things easy to understand, the app provides you with a proper outstanding fee graph
  • All confidential files and documents are now extra safe and secure
  • The SMS alert module saves the cost of printing brochures
  • Admin can also view student contact info and enrollment record from his/her phone
  • You get to see summaries regarding various departments
  • Less chances of fraud and theft
  • No need to rely on operating staff for various reports and records, your phone tells you everything that you need to know


How Are Teachers Benefiting From The Software Solution?

Out of all people, teachers are on a greater advantage as they are now free from all sorts of hectic paperwork. They don’t have to manually sort student attendance records, report cards, exam papers or anything else of the sort. They also don’t have to calculate each exam themselves because the software solution is there to assist them.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Teachers can now give students 100% attention
  • In order to keep track of a certain students, teachers can easily look them up from the computerized software module
  • Teachers don’t have to face errors or theft since exams are organized, managed and calculated via the software solution
  • Teachers get to work in a stress-free environment as they don’t have to sit for extra hours going through stacks of lengthy paperwork
  • Happy teachers means happy students


How Can A Student Benefit?

It is important for any institute to keep their students happy and satisfied at all times and that can only be possible when their teachers are free from work pressure. After installing the online school management software, students get ample time to work on various ideas with their teachers resulting in higher productivity.


Some of its benefits include:

  • A healthy student-teacher relationship can be created
  • Weak students are not left behind
  • Students can easily look for various result cards and schedules from the internet
  • The SMS alert service helps students stay updated at all times

How Are Parents Benefiting From The Cloud-Based School Management Software?

The online school management software does not even leave parents behind and keeps them updated at all times. This new advancement has increased the overall enrollment ratio of many schools and colleges across the world.

Some of its benefits include:

  • Parents can look up for their child’s attendance reports from home
  • Via SMS alert service, parents always stay informed
  • Parents can look for fee vouchers, enrollment slips and various other records from the online system
  • If a student misbehaves or is performing poorly, parents are provided with updates

The next-gen school management system is the new way to run schools and colleges these days. The size of your academic institute does not matter at all. You can run this fast and cost-effective software solution on just one computer with minimal specs. The education industry has experienced a boom due to advancements like these. Lets see what comes next.

How Has Technology Improved the Education System

What is technology?  To be exact, it is a body of knowledge used to create tools, develop skills and extract or collect materials. It is also referred to as the combination of scientific methods and materials used to meet an objective or solve a problem. The definition of technology is science or knowledge put into practical use to solve problems or invent useful tools.

Currently, technology is being used in a million ways in multiple countries across the world. Individuals, businesses and various other industries can’t survive without technology anymore. Science does not need language or anything else of the sort to run smoothly. No matter which country you belong to, you can always simplify your work with the help of technology.

Whenever we hear the word technology, we feel that something far above our budget has entered the market. That may be the case with various gadgets and appliances, but we always forget that a huge software developing industry is also shaping up for the past many years.


Currently, many small and large scale schools are entering the market and looking for quicker and efficient ways for running their academic institutes. The online school management software has taken the market by storm and can be found in almost every major school across the globe. Any academic institute is referred to as well-equipped once it has installed a software solution in its system. Schools and colleges automatically experience a high student enrollment ratio once it updates its system.

Any educational institute heavily relies on the overall administration system and when all that is being efficiently handled by the cloud-based technology, the overall student productivity automatically improves. Now, what are schools and colleges using the most to make administrative procedures easy and effective? The answer to that is an online school management system.

Benefits of installing a web-based school management software solution:

  • The software solution automates all your important records and files limiting the risk for errors, fraud, theft and misleading transactions
  • Computer makes keeping track of various accounting ledgers such as fee vouchers, school expenditures, student fines and staff salaries very fast and convenient
  • In cases of emergencies, admin can simply send SMS alerts to all the staff members and students by using the communicator service. With its help, everyone can be informed at once without having to personally call anyone
  • All the principals, directors and admins who are usually travelling a lot don’t have to worry about their institute, as they can now view all the required files and reports from their smartphones
  •  Students  can easily have access to various reports, result cards and exam schedules via the internet
  •  Parents can keep track of their children’s academic standing via the online parent portal provided to them
  • Assembling and calculating exams is taken care of by the software guaranteeing 100% accuracy


Everything is inter-linked in a school network. If teachers are busy, students may be deprived of healthy student-teacher discussion sessions but when teachers are not over burdened with stressful paperwork, they cannot just improve a student’s productivity, but also work on various extra-curricular activities.

Here, technology plays the role of a life saver for the entire school network. The web-based software solution automates each administration process ranging from fee management and student attendance to exam management and student enrollment. A few years back, all that used to be done via the pen and paper approach but that is not the case anymore.

Majority of educational institutes are shifting to this modern method of school administration because it helps them make all their time consuming procedures quick, efficient and well-organized. No matter how big or small your school is, the online school management system can and will make work easy for you if you install it in your school network.

In order to maintain a healthy atmosphere inside a school, the foremost thing to do is to provide teachers with good working conditions and students with adequate academic experience. Every student requires proper attention and that can only be possible if teachers are free from administrative work. Science and technology has been helping and is still on the go to improve the education system of many schools and colleges across the world.

Fee Management Has Become Easier for Schools and Colleges

Misleading transactions and various accounting errors used to be a common issue in many academic institutes across the world. Schools and colleges may have shifted to the computer but they are still using the wrong platform.

MS Word and Excel sheets are no more the answer to all sorts of school administrative records. The smart ones have started to shift to the online software solution which not just increases the overall work efficiency, but also makes sure everything is done on a much faster pace. Unintentional double entries, faulty amounts, misspelled forms, wrong calculations and all such issues are now under control. Thanks to Archivist Pakistan.


Softronix has been providing the software solution for over 10 years to some of the top schools and colleges across the world. Higher productivity with lower costs has always been our motto and so far we have helped many academic institutes achieve that in the best way possible. Years of experience and amazing goodwill across the education industry is what makes our product one of the fastest selling software solutions of today.

Fee management for any institute is a hectic and risky job to do, but the computer has entered the system to make things easier for you. 95% of the schools have thrown away stacks of paper and started preparing all their fee related forms and lists via the online school management software.

The fee management module is 100% error-free and never misses a single student entry. This not just reduces the overall manual labor cost for your business, but also increases the pace and efficiency of the fee management process. The software also generates various analytical reports regarding fee revenue throughout the academic years making work much more easy and convenient for the entire school network.  

Do You Know What’s Best for Your School?

Every school or college has to handle lengthy paperwork which obviously makes work very slow and hectic. To eliminate that issue, the web-based software solution has hit the market with a bang. Schools have immediately embraced the modern change and are enjoying the ultimate solution to all their administrative problems.

If you own a school and are looking for quicker and efficient ways to run your network, the school management software is there to assist you. All those having second thoughts regarding the automated management system should know that after installing it in your system, you get to choose from a list of amazing features.


Developers have also come up with a little blessing for all the principals and admins striving to run various schools and colleges nationally and internationally. Have you ever thought about looking up for various records and documents from your smartphone? If no, then get ready to be enthralled because the software solution provides you with the facility to keep track of various school departments while traveling or at home.

Referred to as Archivist Executive, this service is what every school admin, principal or director wants to avail. It allows you to look for all types of performance reports, charts, fee payment statuses and a lot more at the palm of your hand.

School directors who run multiple branches now have the ease to see what’s going on throughout their educational network. Almost everyone owns a smartphone these days so running the school management app should not be a problem for anyone.

When the school owner is always on the loop, the principal or teachers do not have to provide him/her with daily or weekly reports. Whichever institute you’re currently running, you can always shift to fast and efficient ways of management.  

How Can a School Management System Change the Way Things Work At Your Institute?

It’s always a blessing for any school or college to find out new and better ways to manage its day to day activities. Educational industry is experiencing a change in its structure as more and more competitors are entering the market. This is where academic institutes feel the need to try newer things to generate better productivity. Internet, smartphones and social network has broadened the spectrum of all those running various businesses.

Everyone wants quick results but without having to take too much time. Similar is the case with admins running various schools and colleges across Pakistan. Installing an online school management system is what everyone wants these days. It is convenient, cost-effective and generates fast results.

People have started trusting the web-based technology system as it has shown tremendous results in the past years. It not just records all your important files and documents but also makes sure that none of your data gets lost or stolen. Before, it was easier to misplace exam papers and student records, but the cloud-based technology has made it very difficult for people to take part in fraudulent acts.


It has limited the possibility of theft and misleading transactions which used to cost the business a fortune. Online school management system has organized and made all administrative procedures look so easy and convenient that everyone wants one installed right now.  No wonder, this new and trending management system is being used in multiple schools and colleges across Pakistan.


Is This Software Solution Compatible With Your School?

No matter how big or small your institute is, this modern approach can easily become a part of your school network. The only thing it requires is a computer and a reasonably fast internet connection. You don’t have to hire an IT professional to make things work. Anyone with basic information about computer can easily get used to this comprehensive software solution. Its conveniently designed modules are of great help to make things much more fun and easy not just for the admin, but also teachers, students and parents.


Is It The Only Solution To Run A School Successfully?

If over 5 countries and 15 Pakistani cities are using this software in their schools and colleges, then so can you. It may not be the only choice but it sure is the best way to make things right in the quickest way possible. The reason why most of the academic institutes are shifting towards this technologically sound software solution is the benefits that come with it.

Some of the prominent features include:

  • SMS alert system
  • Exam and attendance management module
  • Parent Portal
  • Performance Application
  • Automated accounts system
  • Fee management module
  • Easy accessibility from smartphones

How Installing an Online Software Makes You Different From Others

Those days are gone when everything used to be written with pen and recorded on piles of paper. It is not only a hectic job to do but is also very risky especially when it comes to running an educational institute. Everybody even at homes has a computer these days so it can’t be that hard to arrange one for your school or college.


An academic institute has to make sure that all its confidential data is in good hands and nothing better than a computer is capable of doing that. A student’s future is in your hands, so you need to take good care of all the important documents and files.

This simple solution eliminates most of your lengthy paperwork and allows your teachers to provide full attention on each student. Parents are not left behind as they can always stay connected and informed regarding their child’s academic standing. All schools can now be free from theft and fraudulence.

Why Books Can Never Be Replaced With Computers?

In any school, books play a vital role as a guide and source material for millions of students across the world.  Not just school students, but many adults also enjoy reading books as a hobby. According to many studies, reading books opens your mind and gives you various new ideas. In a survey, many students have also stated that they find books more convenient and fun as they are easy to handle. In today’s technologically advance society, scientists and IT professionals may have come up with the solution to almost everything but it’s still hard to see books completely vanishing from the face of earth.

Archivist online

There’s something about holding a book in your hand and physically turning a page that can’t be matched with a computer screen. A devoted reader knows how it feels to own his favorite book. Not just the content, but books are also known for their unique cover designs and fonts that keep the reader engaged. This is something that can’t be enjoyed when a reader is reading from an iPad computer. Sometimes the traditional ways can’t be replaced with technology and that is why many students at school and passive readers at home have still not embraced the ebook system completely.


How Teenagers and Children Describe Ebooks

Many schools and colleges are trying to replace books with interactive machines and iPads but it may not be the smartest thing to do. Following are the reasons why children should stick to the traditional way of reading books:

  • Not all books are easily available on the internet
  • Eating and reading is always a great combination and with an electronic device in hand, sometimes it gets difficult to do both
  • Ebooks can’t be owned and kept for record
  • Ebook files can easily be deleted from an electronic device
  • The concentration span is more while reading a printed book
  • The attractive book covers and content fonts are a few things that many readers like to see in a printed book


Why Are Electronic Devices Such As iPads Not So Suitable for Reading

  • iPads or laptops cause distractions as students have wide range of options such as social networking, games and songs
  • Reader is always worried about battery drainage
  • Too much exposure to LCD light may cause damage to eyesight
  • You can’t continue reading if your iPad breaks or stops working
  • Carrying an electronic device with you is always risky
  • iPads require too much care
  • Message popups (Facebook/Twitter) can be irritating sometimes


Those days are still very far when every school and college would make electronic devices their primary source material. In countries like Pakistan such an up gradation is very costly and unreliable. Having an iPad at home is something else and bringing one to school is a totally different thing. Students, especially the younger ones need to read and write than to see and type.

Therefore, computers can’t completely take over the education industry any time sooner. Printed books have been and will continue to play an integral part in shaping the lives of millions of students across the world.